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COVID-19 and the Tyranny of Conformity

One of the hideous things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the open or de facto imposition of conforming behaviour. One example is what is, in effect, the ban on  shaking hands, replaced with the bumping-of-the-elbows ritual that has now invaded our everyday existence when greeting or meeting people. Politicians of all stripes are proudly bumping elbows when visiting factories, welcoming visitors, or meeting people in the street, with the most courageous fist-bumping, but shaking hands is now regarded as a revolting and potentially dangerous practice. The bumping-of-the-elbows ritual has  been embraced as the preferred and politically correct way to greet people.

History reveals that conforming behaviour can easily be foisted upon people, even when not legally imposed. In Nazi Germany, for example, people were effectively compelled to greet each other with outstretched arms and Heil Hitlers. Of course, Germany was a dictatorship, but the difference between a dictatorship and, supposedly, a liberal democracy is one of degree because the expectations of conformity are largely the same, even if their enforcement differs.

As the spread of the COVID virus in Australia has been arrested by intermittent lockdowns and the closing of internal borders, rigorous contact tracing, and by carefully vetting, restricting and quarantining international arrivals it should once again be possible to greet others in the normal way. But our knowledge reveals, and experience confirms, that this expectation is possibly fanciful and misplaced. Indeed, when you offer your hand to welcome or greet guests or acquaintances, many people will refuse to shake hands and tell you they are not allowed to do this anymore. It is not as if they have been ordered not to shake hands; it is more a matter of expecting to conform to new standards that our policymakers and trendsetters have settled on and have effectively and successfully imposed on the majority. The conformist mindset is, if you will, another transmissible virus!

The ubiquitous handshake probably originated in the 5th century BC in Greece. Initially, it was meant to confirm mutual disarmament. The bumping-of-the-elbows ritual, as demonstrated daily by members of the political class, is a comical ritual, one that popped up like mushrooms in a meadow after a rainy night.

This new ritual, arguably, is indicative of the growth of a rapidly spreading culture of distrust that is visible in even the most mundane human activities. A simple example will suffice to make this point. A weekend visit to a farmer’s market is one of the pleasurable activities in Australia that is still largely unregulated. A few weeks ago, intending to visit a market, I parked my car in a side street and walked up to the market, some 500 metres away. When I exited the market with my arms full of cauliflower, broccoli, meat products, fish, and honey, I took a wrong turn and arrived on an unfamiliar street. So, I asked a few people walking their dogs – another favoured Australian pastime – how to get back to the street where my car waited. When they professed never to have heard of the street, I entered a few shops and asked the attendants to point me in the right direction. However, nobody was able to help me, and they all avowed not to know what I was talking about. The closer people lived or worked to the street, the less I found they knew of its existence! Most people from whom I sought directions claimed not even to know there was a market on Saturday mornings.

There are two explanations for this bizarre outcome: first, they genuinely did not know – the employees in the shop may have come from other suburbs – or, more likely in my view, they simply did not want to get involved in even the minor problems of another. The latter explanation points to the nurturing of a culture of conformity: by not getting involved and practising social distancing, thereby creating barriers between people, it is hoped to avoid unpleasantness, including COVID infections and other afflictions.

If this story resonates and you have experienced similar treatment, I invite you to extrapolate this example. Governments and legislatures of different stripes all over Australia are adopting the most outrageous laws which accord with their left-wing agendas, but nobody is doing anything about it, because the expectation of conformity does not promote dissent. As we saw recently in Victoria, when Parliament adopted the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021, even the opposition abstained, rather than express vociferous dissent. The oppression and repression are so hard-fisted that most people, including politicians, do not dare stand up for values which arguably promote decency, prosperity and are necessary for freedom to exist. The oppression of the left prevails, even to the extent that good people do nothing, fearful of violating the expectation of conformity. Edmund Burke, the 18th century politician and philosopher famously said that, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” is apposite here. Even when conservatives come to power they don’t remove the social engineering legislation of their predecessors. In this regard, conservatives can learn from President Biden who, armed only with a pen, misguidedly and with revenge at the fore managed to unceremoniously obliterate the admirable legacy of President Trump.

In Australia, as in most liberal democracies, we tolerate a mountain of social engineering legislation which sees freedom of speech only marginally more protected than in the People’s Republic of China. This tolerance of restrictions is mostly due to a desire or expectation to conform with the edicts of our ruling elites. For the time being, I am still allowed to write this article. However, its content may be barely tolerated by those who insist on conforming behaviour. In the absence of vigilance, their insistence could be transformed into total control and suppression, lurking around the corner, like a beast of opportunity. That opportunity has presented itself: its name is COVID and it has spawned a tyranny of conformity.

Gabriël A. Moens AM is an Emeritus Professor of Law at The University of Queensland, and author of a novel on the origins of the Covid-19 virus, A Twisted Choice

9 thoughts on “COVID-19 and the Tyranny of Conformity

  • Peter Marriott says:

    I agree Gabriel. I can assure you I continue to shake hands and so do 99% of the people I mix with, including at my parish church ( apart from the greeting of peace ), and anyone who doesn’t want to then I just greet them with a wave of the hand. You’re trapped in amongst all the politically correct types at Qld Uni I think, where no doubt all that stuff impresses, but don’t worry in my view there’s still plenty of the ordinary old normalcy, including the open and traditional handshake, out there, at least in the Queensland I know.

  • gareththomassport says:

    I concur with your experience Peter.
    Here in rural NSW I make a point of shaking hands, both professionally at work and socially, with only a tiny minority refusing the gesture.
    I see it as a small but important protest against conformity, but based on what I consider an accurate risk assessment of the potential harm involved.

  • ianl says:

    Just as insidious as elbowing is the “social credit” karenesque insistence on the QA code in a phone to be permitted to enter some (most) venues.

    Look for the NSW QA download and you find you are limited to Google (Android phones) or Apple. So you have to buy one of these in-your-face trackers to use the QA code to go anywhere.

    There are quite a few phone brands besides the Google-bots and Apple-wokes. These are now useless for “social credit” through a combination of Govt decree and karenesque control freaks.

    Let alone the imposition of cost to buy one and junk your existing one for no good reason.

  • diane1 says:

    If we are supposed to cough into our elbows, why do the allegedly covid-concerned bump elbows?

  • padmmdpat says:

    Yesterday I was introduced to someone recently come to Hobart from Melbourne. I extended my hand and he looked shocked. “You want to shake hands?” he asked incredulously. “No, I don’t want to indulge in virtue signalling,” I replied. And have you noticed the smug look on the faces of people who enter buildings and rush for the hand sanitiser?

  • grpalmer1911 says:

    Or ………………

    How do Martians practice safe sex.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    ianl–Mandatory signing-in is horrid, frightening, and unnecessary; but, here in WA at least, it can be done with pen and paper. That, of course, opens up the risk that anyone can get hold of the information; but I’d say the risk of that is lower than it would be if I used a phone.
    What I’m very grateful for is that, especially since we’ve returned to the “normal” that existed before our snap lockdown in February (when the already-planned expansion of sign-ins to almost everywhere was brought forward), most places are not policing it. I have to think that, for all the madness that my state showed in voting in the party of Mr. 88 Percent to the almost obliteration of the Opposition (such as it was), many people can see sign-ins for the nonsense that they are. When I do have to sign in, I write small and sloppily. You can’t do that with a phone.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Tyranny of Conformity?
    PM Morrsion has just told the Biden Admin that the L-NP Govt is in full-bore conformity with the anti-empirical fantasy that human-produced carbon dioxide causes the climate to change.
    Now, the L-NP hard-heads might not actually believe in this non-factual climate hysteria.
    But they do know there are precious votes to be lost if the L-NP does not conform with the human-caused climate idiocy and conform with the necessity to let China and India burn whatever they want to feed and control their starvin’ billions.
    Meanwhile, we, The Ordinary People, are tyrannised by the self-righteous, ignorant and/or malignant Australian elites who see us as occasionally useful idiots, worthy only of enslavement.


    The important question: How to gat prophylaxis against the effects of Bureaucratic Thrombosis.

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