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The Climate Cult’s Brat Brigade

In the Iraq-Iran wars of the 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini sent 12-year-old Iranian schoolchildren swarming into no-man’s-land to detonate the mines. The keen kids wore devotional slogans on red headbands and each carried a small metal key to open the gates of Paradise.

The analogy with enrolling Australian kids as zero-emission fanatics is not perfect. The kids’ task is not to blow themselves up but to blow up 130 years of Western progress based on reliable electricity. Still, climate cult leaders love throwing indoctrinated children into the front lines of the climate wars. These kids’ keys to the promised Green Paradise are ruinous wind and solar energy.

Right now, School Strike 4 Climate is launching a campaign called ‘Action Your Adults’ (AYA). In the words of the official email circular from someone called “Bubble”, it is “all about getting the adults in your life involved with the fight for climate justice!” Pulling the strings as usual are the zealots of GetUp!, the Youth Climate Coalition [of adults], Stop Adani and, of course, Greens organisers. The prose, meant to sound like kids’ talk, is straight out of Balmain advertising agency-speak. We learn:

An adult can mean your parent or guardian, a grandparent, an auntie or uncle, or any other person in your life that isn’t in school. It’s all about connecting with them and talking about the current crisis!

AYA [Action Your Adults] is a great way to express your concerns about the climate crisis to people in your life. It is important to keep talking about what is going on and not let the government’s destructive schemes go unnoticed.

How to get in contact with your adults? You could call or video chat with them, you could go for a walk together, or go out for coffee/lunch with them, that’s the great thing – you can do pretty much anything you want as long as you are having constructive conversations with them! We are all very excited about Action Your Adults and we hope you are too! Have a great day!

If you have kids or grandkids in the family, here’s how they’ve been briefed to advise you, in “Six Easy Steps”. The advice might come from  kiddies who only recently learnt to tie their shoelaces, or 14-year-olds redirecting their attention from TikTok and acne treatments.

When these kids ask you pleasantly, “How have you been?” and “What have you been doing recently?”, they don’t actually care, they just want to lead you in to a climate-crisis conversation (not that any “climate crisis” is in evidence). Alternatively, if you ask how they’ve been, they’re scripted to say they’re feeling anxious and frustrated about the government’s [presumably federal] anaemic response to that ‘climate emergency’. As the script tells kids, “You can use this to segue into your next points!”

Because forecasting these climate apocalypses in the year 2100 is not science but witchcraft, the kids are told to emphasise their feelings, as distinct from climate models and any quaint concern for evidence. This reminds me of the great song

Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
Teardrops rolling down on my face,
Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it.
Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
wo-o-o …(repeat & fade)

The kids’ Svengalis say,

Express your worries! Be personal and let this come from the heart; make it clear why you care about climate change, and be completely open with your feelings E.g. my future, my job, natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, my health, my house/farm, etc.

Just as the phone-fake “Nicole from NBN” has a conversation tree to extract your bank details, these climate kids’ agenda is to turn you into ignorant likenesses of themselves. The script says to ask, “’Have you noticed how the environment has changed?’ This makes it personal, and lets you build on the knowledge they already have

# “Have bushfires always been this bad?” [No, only since greenies sabotaged controlled burning]

# “Was the Great Barrier Reef dying when you were my age?” [No, nor is it now]

# “Have farmers always been struggling against such bad droughts?” [Victorian floods are imminent, but don’t worry about such detail][i].

# “How has climate change impacted you?”

# “How has [sic] opinions on the climate crisis changed since you were my age?” [Disaster was always prophesised ten years out from the present]

# If they’re from a migrant background – ask about the effects of climate change where they come from. [Don’t ask Africans, they might know that extra CO2 has caused the Sahara to shrink and green in the past 30 years by an area as big as France and Germany combined]

The authors provide a handy list of lies about climate and economics for kids to parrot:

“Let them [adults] know about the government’s proposed gas-fired recovery and why it stinks!

* Facts/statistics are useful, so we have a list below, but put them into your own words and make sure to still keep it a casual conversation

# Morrison’s budget is proposing to spend $42 million of public money on gas

# Gas is a dirty fossil fuel which is 3x more destructive than coal [Nonsense]

# The government claims that a gas recovery will help our economy, but it will help less than 1% of manufacturing workers [that’s about 10,000 workers, who cares about 10,000 workers?]

# On top of this, climate change will cost Australia over $4 trillion unless we change, causing more intense disasters like fires, flooding and drought [arrant nonsense]

# Meanwhile renewable energy can create 3x as many Aussie jobs as fossil fuels! [Nonsense on stilts]

The kids next try to get out the adult vote — necessarily against the Coalition and preferably for the Greens.

Because this isn’t just a ‘young people’ issue – climate change will impact every single generation to come, and it affects us all now! Because we’re running out of time!

However, this chance to invest in and rebuild our economy is the ideal opportunity to ensure a just transition! [i.e. to generate omnipotent Left government]

Each kid should tell “their adult” what they should do (with exclamation marks). Don’t backslide, adults, because your kid will “follow through” to make sure Mr/Mrs Adult really does change light bulbs and mount a bike to offset China’s burgeoning emissions. Kids are then to report back to their Stasi-like masters masquerading collectively as “Bubble”, preferably with recorded conversations with their Adults. Kids also pass around their “top tip for having a productive conversation”.

The exercise is supposed to generate a deluge of emails and phone calls to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and local members, telling them to “fund our future” rather than natural gas. After all, who needs electricity at night or when the wind doesn’t blow? And every brainwashed schoolkid knows that dear electricity is better than cheap electricity.

Adults, be warned of this climate attack. Even though the enemy at the gates is from Lilliput.

 Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available hereas a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95)

[i] Flood Summary, issued at 12:06 pm EDT on Monday 19 October 2020: ‘The following Watches/Warnings are current: Minor Flood Warning for the Kiewa River / Final Flood Warning for the Ovens and King Rivers /Final Flood Warning for the Seven and Castle Creeks / Final Flood Watch for Upper Yarra’


6 thoughts on “The Climate Cult’s Brat Brigade

  • pgang says:

    The greening of the Sahara is a natural disaster. All of that vegetation is going to require CO2 (or ‘carbon’ as is its proper name). It’s only going to encourage big oil and their conspirators to become even bigger oil.
    It’s also going to destroy the culture of the desert peoples. They will be over-run and eventually outnumbered by well-fed forest peoples, in what could amount to the greatest genocide in history.

  • Greg Williams says:

    I see a lot of the brainwashing going on at the school at which I teach here in Perth. I let the kids know that when I was a lad at school back in the late 50’s and early to mid 60’s, my geography teacher told me Perth had a Mediterranean climate, i.e. hot dry summers with cool damp winters. Now, and I take pains to point this out to the kids with whom I have conversations, Perth’s climate has “changed” to hot, dry summers and cool damp winters, and their geography teachers now call it a Mediterranean climate. That’s an amazing change in the past 50 – 60 years. I also let them know that my prediction is that when their grandchildren are in school, their geography teachers will be telling them (the grandchildren) that Perth has a Mediterranean climate.

  • PT says:

    And what’s the bet these “concerned kids” don’t turn off the lights when they leave a room, leave TV’s and computers on, use excessive hot water, leave appliances on standby (too difficult to switch off the PowerPoint) and won’t walk five minutes up the road!

    Found this out with my little sister and her boyfriend living in London. The flat was a ten to fifteen minute walk from where they worked, but they insisted on getting a cab – even as they grizzled all this green talk! They also wouldn’t turn off lights, had the heating turned up when they could have worn a jumper etc. I’ve noticed this with most of the “environmentally concerned” I’ve noticed this sort of “slackness” amongst many of the “environmentally aware”! Pathetic really.

  • Biggles says:

    Greg Williams. I can’t recommend Prof Ian Plimer’s book How to Get Expelled from School too highly. Suggest you buy a copy and use the info therein to start ‘subverting’ your pupils in the direction of commons sense about the ‘climate change’ hoax.

  • Phillip says:

    An excellent piece again.

    The Australian Academy of Science tells me;
    “…Climate change is a change in the statistical properties of the climate system that persists for several decades or longer—usually at least 30 years…..”
    I have never been disturbed by the statistical properties of our climate system during the 60 year time period I have been inhaling oxygen and expelling CO2 in a self driven steam engine like manner to earn more tax . My income is sourced in part by designing stormwater drainage systems. Design is based on statistical properties of rainfall (one element of the climate system) and bugger me dead, the statistics based on historic rainfall averages today are the same as they were 30 years ago that I use to determine the size of a pipe to carry a flow during a 1 in 20 year rainfall event.
    What I am disturbed about (in reference to the Academy of Science definition) is that apparently, primary school age children are now not starting to go to school until they’re in their mid to late 20’s !?…. How else would they be able to witness and complain about change in statistical properties to Mr/Mrs Adult ?
    This is just a thought for change; but what if the kids of today leant to bowl like Dennis Lillee or bat like Bradman, or sing and play bass like McCartney…just something a little more advanced than being concerned about leftist socialist Marxism.

  • rod.stuart says:

    Tony Thomas, it is a pleasure to read your work. Greg Williams, you are spot on.
    I have been discussing similar things when questioned about “climate change” for years.

    Not only do most people realise that “climate” is REGIONAL and that it is nothing more nor less than the typical weather for a region.

    Furthermore, few understand that in order to identify “change” it is necessary to have a metric of some sort…….some means of comparison.

    There is no numeric metric for climate, so the only metric in use is a classification system; the most used is the Koppen-Geiger classification, which dates back to the late nineteenth century. The other is the Trewartha, which derives its classifications from the type of vegetation in a region.
    The classifications are quite specific. Even the island of Tasmania has five such regions, ranging from that on King Island and a strip of Northwest coast, to the ET (tundra) classification on some of the highest peaks in the Southwest.
    There are maps of such regions for various years dating back to 1890. One change that is noticeable is due to land use…………especially in the cradle of civilisation and in the old Soviet Union. These changes are due to purposeful draining of a lake or river diversion, and have nothig to to with the atmosphere. The other is that as the sixty year cycle waxess and wanes, the size and shape of csome regions tend to change shape or size periodically. For the most part, such world maps for 1890 are nearly identical to world maps for today. As you point out, the West coast of Australia in which Perth resides is constant. The term “global climate” is the most idiotic term imaginable. Is it supposed to be some sort of “average” of the weather in Antarctica and the weather in Riyadh?

    What I am trying to say is that the term “climate change” is a meaninglesss nonsense in relation to recent history. The term was coined by none other than H.H.Lamb in discussing changes that have occurred over thousands and millions of years. Yet we have idiots that are intent on “fighting climate change” and requesting governments to “tackle” it. These morons would be better off “tackling” the dust bunnies under their bed or the unicorns in their back yard.

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