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There’s No Law Against Dreaming

Dismiss it as a midnight reverie, if you will,  this dream of mine that pictured a Prime Minister more a’feared of squandering Australia’s potential and prosperity than of irritating the ABC and  greenish Wets within his own party. With such a vision still fresh, I abandoned the warm fug of my sheets to scribble the draft of a speech the Prime Minister should be giving.


MEN and women of Australia, I recognise that you and our Nation should expect more of your Government than we have delivered. For this we are deeply sorry. I also want to recognise that this Government is not alone in having let you and our Nation down. For the past fifty years, successive governments have been derelict in recognising the great gifts of our  natural resources, agricultural capacity and human potential. We are determined to change this.

The current drought and fierce bushfires have been a wake-up call, one that brings many issues into perspective and which this government cannot ignore. A false sense of security has seen far too little thought devoted to the big issues that must be tackled if  Australia is to prosper. We truly have been a lucky county, but our luck is on the wane.

I want first to address a matter that has been a roadblock to effective government for the past two decades. I am speaking about what is loosely called ‘climate change’. These two words have many meanings but for many they refer to a continual increase in ambient temperature allegedly caused by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide resulting from the burning of coal. This is said to raise sea levels, sink islands, demolish coastal habitats, cause droughts and bushfires, and in time, even wipe out mankind. Let me tell you, a sense of fear and dread has been falsely created.

Consequently, many governments, including yours, have put in place programs to reduce their output of carbon dioxide by replacing reliable power generation with the fluky output of sources such as wind and solar. These measures have resulted in increased power prices and less reliable supply. As a result, those industries relying on low cost and dependable power are moving their operations to less constrained locations, all to the detriment of the individual and the Nation.

Meanwhile, as I must now acknowledge, fashionable pseudo-science and unwarranted alarmism has corrupted what should be institutions of vital integrity. I speak , to mention but three, of the CSIRO, our universities and the national broadcaster, all of which have prostituted their good names in promoting the hoax of imminent catastrophe. When this government was returned to office in the so-called “climate change election”, we should have taken note. Instead — and I apologise for this — we took the counsel of rent-seekers, including some with an inordinate influence on the Coalition and its policies. This will stop forthwith.

As a result of the drought and the bushfires your Government has rethought our position on the question of changes to the climate and shifts in seasons. We now deem it is unwise to regard seasonal and climatic changes as being driven by one parameter only, carbon dioxide. The climate and our seasons are the result of very complex, and to be frank, largely unknown parameters that are far outside mankind’s capacity to control. To propose that a change in one variable, a trace gas representing just 0.04% of the atmosphere, is the only factor that influences climate is, upon reflection, quite preposterous. Yet that is what we done, at the expense of many billions of dollars, and which I deeply regret.

Nevertheless, it is true changes to our climate and our seasons are occurring, as they have for millions of years.  Your Government will now change our approach to any such changes, not by attempting to make Nature bend to mankind’s will, but to adapt to, and work with, natural processese through a series of new initiatives.

Drought and floods have always been a feature of this continent, as Dorothea Mackellar reminded us in her immortal poem My Country with its ‘droughts and flooding rains’. Australia receives an abundance of rainfall annually, but the results have been large-scale flooding and then subsequent drought as the water that caused the floods is returned unchecked to the oceans and long dry periods set in. Consequently, our fertile lands fall into drought and the vast centre of Australia remains unused.

Your Government will immediately call for expressions of interest for the harvesting of rainfall with the intent of flood-prevention, the generation of more hydro power, the watering of inland Australia and the establishment of significant new agricultural capacity. There will be many nay-sayers, but your Government believes it is time for us to return to the mindset that initiated the Snowy Mountains Project and saw it to completion. We will adapt to, and work with, what Nature so generously provides.

In relation to bushfires, there is much to learn from our current experiences. Your Government will work with the states to ensure that we adapt to the changes that nature presents. To this end we will examine how we can improve our national park management, including fire trail strategy; fuel-load management via prophylactic burning; land management; resourcing firefighters, plus making full use of available resources up to and including the military. To this end we will seek to redefine state/federal responsibilities.

But to achieve all this we must have clear air and a tight focus. To do so we need to remove the roadblock I mentioned: the unhelpful demonisation of coal, whose exports are vital to our economy, and the obsession with carbon-dioxide emissions.

This Government will immediately withdraw from the Paris Agreement, cease all subsidies to renewable energy sources and issue tenders for the construction of at least three modern coal-fired power stations that will generate reliable baseload power, removing the need to worry about overcast days and windless nights. As a further priority we will re-examine carbon-free nuclear energy. When the inevitable protests erupt, we will remain steadfast and remind the electorate that children, especially those who should be at their desks in school, are best seen and not heard.

I know all this will come as shock to many of you. In a way it has come as something of a shock to me — but that shock springs from the realisation that our nation has been asleep at the wheel for many years. We have been ignoring the great potential that surrounds us and the abundance that nature provides.

Our National Anthem says:

Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare;
In history’s page, let every stage Advance Australia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.

It is this Government’s commitment to work with you and turn those words into reality.

11 thoughts on “There’s No Law Against Dreaming

  • rod.stuart says:

    If only he had the gonads required to declare these Truths.

  • Guido Negraszus says:

    You have my vote! I agree with everything.

  • brandee says:

    Is this the one Jim Campbell whose letters to the editor of The Australian touch on many subjects with similar clarity? He now has my vote to be appointed speechwriter to PM Scott Morrison.
    We could recall that Scott Morrison has said, like the unsuccessful Malcolm Turnbull, that taking a centre position on issues leads to success. This is the position favoured by the rent-seekers and ‘some with inordinate influence on the Coalition and its policies’.
    It was Malcolm Turnbull that appointed Kerry Schott from the US as our energy guru. She is all for [intermittent] renewable energy sources and has even been reported as saying that they are cheaper than [reliable] traditional sources. PM Scott Morrison has not dismissed her and in many ways is too much like the former PM to really appeal to the conservative base.
    Columnist Adam Creighton in the Weekend Australian [18-19/01] also suggests that the Morrison government is failing to divert climate activists by advocating emission free nuclear power. Government is so weak that they could not sell the sensible idea of nuclear propulsion for our new long range submarines.!

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Everyone seems to assume that our Prime Ministers are omnipotent, and that they only need to say it shall be so and it will be so. Reality, of course, is entirely otherwise. The media, even the normally sane Australian, are totally in thrall to “the Science”, and the nature of Australian politics is such that there will never be any genuine bipartisanship on any domestic issue where either side perceives a political advantage to be gained by opposing even the most sensible policies put forward by the other.
    With constant mischievous criticism of all things conservative by the ABC and the former Fairfax papers, there is no realistic chance of any Prime Minister without clear majorities in both Houses being anything other than “weak”. Morrison is only doing what can reasonably be expected to be achieved, all things considered. He’s not about to commit political suicide in pursuit of some nebulous and, in practical terms, unachievable show of “leadership”. The “length” of that figurative “piece of string” has never been defined, because it’s a figment in the eye of the beholder.

  • brandee says:

    D Thomas is correct in claiming that Prime Ministers choose survival rather than political suicide. However survival is best achieved by choosing a winnable issue and vigorously contesting it together with avoiding any melee contrived by the opposition.
    There are numerous issues on which a good majority of the electorate could be won over and so wedging the opposition. Centrists are weak in the battle of ideas and Malcolm Turnbull was the epitome. He was the conservative consensus Neville Chamberlain rather than the conservative principled Winston Churchill.
    ‘Scotty from marketing’ needs to sell good winnable ideas rather than lame ones approved by the Green-left. He needs to understand that his mentor PM had no political nous and was in with the progressive rather than in with the conservatives. His mentor PM lost 14 precious seats in the Federal election he contested.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Excellent work, Jim. The maths teacher in me tho spotted

    “a trace gas representing just .04 of the atmosphere, “. 0.04 is four hundredths, whereas CO2 is actually four ten thousandths. Easily remedied by 0.04%.



  • Jim Campbell says:

    Thankyou to all commentators to date.

    Doubting Thomas – I don’t think that any of the actions mentioned in the faux speech would require the approval of both houses. They are simple operational matters that any prudent government would take in the normal course of business if it had the good of Australia at heart.

  • DG says:

    “have put in place programs” Reading fine prose is often turned to drudgery by clunky cant phrases like ‘put in place’, as though everything is a box that belongs on a shelf. There are more enriching forms of words: from as simple as ‘started’ to undertaken, initiated, commenced, developed, created,

  • Jim Campbell says:

    Thank you DG – I’ll pass it on to Morrison’s speechwriters – at this stage I have to agree, it is not fine prose.

  • pgang says:

    Here is it is, it’s real. Donald Trump at Davos, (reported in our Australian merely as a slight to Greta – how the mighty have fallen).

    ‘The president criticized the experts and the critics who repeatedly predicted economic and environmental catastrophe for the world.
    “We must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortunetellers,” Trump said.
    He recalled false scientific predictions of overpopulation, mass starvation, and an end of oil in past decades.
    “These alarmists always demand the same thing, absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives,” he said. “We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country or eradicate our liberty.”
    He defied the government bureaucrats who burdened Americans with onerous regulations and government controls.
    “Today I urge other nations to follow our example and liberate your citizens from the crushing weight of bureaucracy,” he said. “With that, you have to run your own countries the way you want.”’

  • lhackett01 says:

    Jim Campbell, spot on. Everything you say makes sense. It seems you may have read my paper, “Global Warming Misunderstood”, at I have revised it in the last couple of days and have sent it to most Senators and Members of Parliament. Activists are prone to say I have cherry-picked evidence that castes doubt on the popular theory of manmade climate change. I reply that the activists could be blamed for doing the same in support of their own argument, that the evidence I present is real, and those who believe mankind is responsible for climate change must prove my evidence wrong before their view can be accepted as anything other than a hypothesis.

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