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Is the Pope a Catholic?

Pope Francis — pontiff #266— has gone woke. For some bizarre reason, he has embraced the spirit of the South American rainforest by including animistic religious rituals in the opening of the recent pan-Amazon Synod (watch the video clip below and be amazed). It has many people seriously asking the question, is the Pope Catholic? Or does he represent something else entirely? As Cathy Clubb writes in The Remnant:

Idol worship was on full display in preparation for the Pan-Amazon synod, with the tacit approval of Pope Francis. Although the Synod hadn’t yet started, the celebration of pagan ceremonies added weight to the concerns being voiced by prominent prelates and laymen that the Synod will be a vehicle for apostasy. 

Committed Catholics have been increasingly concerned about many of the Pope’s statements regarding divorce and remarriage, homosexuality (‘Who am I to judge?’), capital punishment, the existence of hell, and even the re-wording of the Lord’s Prayer. But the current document goes even further and comprehensively outlines seven key areas of doctrine, as well as a plethora of public actions, that the current Pontiff has been guilty of committing. Here are some of the more notorious examples:

# On June 9, 2014, Pope Francis received the leaders of the militantly pro-homosexual Tupac Amaru organisation from Argentina at the Vatican, and blessed their coca leaves for use in their pagan religious rituals, which involve recognition of the coca plant as sacred.

# Pope Francis has failed to speak a word in support of popular campaigns to preserve Catholic countries from abortion and homosexuality, for example, before the referendum to introduce abortion into Ireland in May 2018.

# At the opening Mass of the Synod on Youth in 2018, Pope Francis carried a staff (right) in the form of a ‘stang’, an object used in satanic rituals.

# During the Synod on Youth in 2018, Pope Francis wore a distorted rainbow-coloured cross, the rainbow being a popularly promoted symbol of the homosexual movement.

# Pope Francis has concluded an agreement with China that permits the Chinese government to choose Catholic bishops in that country, and has ordered a number of faithful Catholic bishops to yield their dioceses to bishops appointed by the state. China is an atheist state that persecutes Christians, and enforces an immoral population policy that includes promotion of contraception, and coerced abortion on a massive scale. This population policy is a high priority for the Chinese government and has caused incalculable harm. Control of the Church by the Chinese government will ensure that the Church in China can offer no resistance to this policy.

I don’t write any of this because I think that my own particular denomination is without sin. Unfortunately, the Presbyterian Church of Australia has had more than its fair share of false teachers over the years. From Charles Strong to Samuel Angus , as well as the more recent heresy trial involving Peter Cameron. So, it’s not like my own denomination is guilt-free in this regard.

But the reason I address this is because it is the responsibilities of leaders to uphold the values of the institutions which employ them. If they can’t continue to do that then they should have the integrity to resign. As Gillette has found out the hard way, once you go woke you quickly go broke. Which is precisely the direction the Church of Rome is heading under its current theologically progressive leadership.

Mark Powell is associate pastor of the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Strathfield, NSW

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  • whitelaughter says:

    Granted it needs to be said, and read, but it grows very tiring to read of the endless armies of those who sell out. You’ve listed the failures of the Presbyterian church – how about sharing the heroes? I would start with Doctor Thom, William Cumming (1898–1979), but I’m sure you could provide many other excellent examples.

  • Andrew Campbell says:

    Many, many things changed for the Presbyterian Church in 1977 when some members left to form the Uniting Church (I admit that’s a Presbyterian way of looking at it!). Whatever, to the distress of many in the pews, the Uniting Church has drifted leftwards and become progressive and woke (the top banner of their website invites members to join the Climate Strike). Meanwhile the Presbyterian church has stayed with its Biblical, Reformed, and Confessional heritage. Proudly ‘right!’ The entire NSW Presbyterian Assembly are heroes for formally declaring Peter Cameron to be heretical and removing him from the ministry. Churches have to do that every century or so to, as Mark says, uphold the values of their institutions.


    The wokeness of the current pope is an unsubtle promotion of Marxist social justice dogma. More trecherous is the subtle introduction of ideas which appeal to the general church intellect but on close examination are subtly contrary to what biblical scripture, in context, actually says. True Christians need to be Berean as demonstrated in Acts 17:11. Be aware of sermons where eisegesis infects exegesis. An indication is the sermon with quotes from preachers who subtly equate evangelism with social justice issues. Jesus mission on earth was not as a social reformer or Robin Hood. Jesus Christ put it this way in Luke 19:10: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

  • Paul Mabarrack says:

    My 90 year old mother heard that a Jesuit had been made Pope.

    “The Pope is not a catholic, you know” she informed me.

    Of course she was right…this Pope is not a Catholic.

  • deric davidson says:

    Read Dr Taylor Marshall’s book “Infiltration”.
    Francis is the consequence of 100+ years of the undermining of Catholic doctrine by Marxist cardinals and the rise of homo-predators in the hierarchy and the ordained clergy. Eighty percent of sexual abuse in the US by priests is homosexual in nature.
    The current Amazonian synod in Rome is a disaster and could well lead to multiple heresy and ultimately schism. It appears to be a promotion in the heart of the Vatican of Amazonian tribal paganism and practice. Today we hear that the Pope might have denied the very divinity of Jesus Christ in private conversation. This Pope is sewing confusion within Catholic ranks. And I haven’t mentioned his love of Islam and his indifference towards abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality.

  • Stephen Due says:

    deric davidson:”Eighty percent of sexual abuse in the US by priests is homosexual”. One has the distinct impression that a similar conclusion could be drawn in the Australian context from the findings of the Royal Commission. However so far as I could see the word “homosexual” does not occur in the Commission’s reporting. One defender of the Commission’s practice in this regard told me that this was because the offenders were actually sex-starved heterosexuals. The real reason however is undoubtedly a desire to protect homosexuality, which has been sanctified in our society, from the obvious implication that in reality it is often predatory. A second implication is that homosexuals in institutions for boys pose a very significant risk, based on the Royal Commission findings.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    “Pope Francis …. has gone woke. For some bizarre reason, he has embraced the spirit of the South American rainforest by including animistic religious rituals in the opening of the recent pan-Amazon Synod.”
    In so doing, he is a true Catholic and fully within the tradition of the Catholic Church. It was at the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD that Mary was promoted from ‘birth-giver of Christ’ to ‘birth-giver of God’. Mere mortals do not rise much higher than that. And Ephesus had a long tradition of goddess worship. “And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians.” Acts 19, 28.
    In the course of their conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards destroyed the great temple of the Aztecs. And on exactly the same spot, holy to all the locals, they built a great cathedral.
    I have witnessed this sort of thing first hand. All Souls Night is nothing to write home about for those in the Irish Catholic tradition. But in the Philippines, which has a tradition of ancestor worship, it is a big night of the year; arguably bigger than Christmas.
    I was in Manila once on All Souls Night, and was taken by a local to the festivities in the main cemetery there. People maintained an all-night vigil over the graves of their parents or other ancestors. The poor just had single candles. The wealthier of them brought along portable Honda generators and such, and had elaborate ancestral tombs over which they strung lines of coloured lights. Added to the noise of the generators were the calls of vendors walking or pushing vendors’ carts up the roads between the graves, selling fast food, candles, images of the Blessed Virgin and Christ, Coca-Cola and other beverages: the works.
    In short, it was a huge if somewhat subdued party, but in the true carnival tradition.
    So IMHO Pope Francis is fully in line with mainstream Catholicism. What he binds and alternatively looses on Earth is also bound in Heaven. (Matt. 16, 18-19.)
    And right now, I’d say that upstairs the Heavenly Host is brushing up on its animistic rituals.

  • says:

    Spot on Ian. hail Mary, hail satan. Nothing has changed.

  • brandee says:

    To Ian Mac I would say that Mohammedans also have been most zealous in topping the temples of others. In Jerusalem they built the Dome of the Rock over Solomon’s Temple foundation and in Constantinople they claimed the great Santa Sophia Cathedral as a mosque by erecting the minarets.
    In India the Mohammedan invaders demolished every temple under their jihad rule and used the stone to build mosques and minarets as they did for the Qutb Minar in Delhi.

  • deric davidson says:

    Oh please, Catholics do not worship Mary nor do they worship their ancestors. They honor Mary as the greatest of all the saints and plead her intercession. This is not worship which is reserved for God the Creator alone. Catholics pray, often with much outward demonstration, for the salvation of the souls of their ancestors and live in hope that they be forgiven their sins and possess the beatific vision. This can hardly be interpreted as worship. Alternatively paganism does involve the worship of the created rather than the Creator. The worship of Mother Earth is central to the neo-pagan faith of “Climate Change’ or ‘Environmentalism’.

  • jgbnote says:

    deric, you speak about roman catholics, not the ordinary believer. There is no use in praying for dead ancestors. luke 16:19 -31. and praying to mary is just as useless. John14:6.

  • Ian MacDougall says:

    deric davidson:

    Oh please, Catholics do not worship Mary nor do they worship their ancestors.

    Are you sure about that? Arguably, in any religious ceremony, the group involved worships itself. (Emile Durkheim).
    Pius XII crowned Mary Queen of Heaven, and Catholic belief is in her bodily ‘assumption’ up to Heaven at the end of her life here below. Much the same as the Ascension of our Lord and Saviour on the third day after his crucifixion, as per the Apostles’ Creed. Much in the same way that the former Arabian merchant Mohammad (pbuh) is believed by the Islamic faithful to have ridden off into the sky on the winged horse Baruq at the end of his mission here on Earth.
    Christ’s crucifixion was to appease himself, the mysterious ‘Three in One’ Trinitarian God for The Fall, when Eve was led astray by a talking snake in the Garden of Eden, persuaded Adam to do likewise, and everything went downhill and pear-shaped from there.
    Prior to the invention of the (shock, horror!) telescope the stars were thought to be holes in the great vault above the Earth through which the light of Heaven shone. And of course, the Earth was the centre of the whole Universe.
    Now we know a bit better, thanks to Reason, which you employ (erroneously IMHO) when you conclude that “… the worship of Mother Earth is central to the neo-pagan faith of “Climate Change’ or ‘Environmentalism’.” (!!!)
    Ironically, reason is always used to justify this religious belief or that. Science BTW is included in Philosophy, and philosophy is reason and reason alone. Nothing more; nothing less. And it is science that gives us the reasoning for the proposition that human generation of greenhouse gases is responsible for the observed melting of glacial and polar ice, and rise of sea level picked up by satellite altimetry, with reference to the geographic centre of the Earth and down to half-millimetre accuracy. (So forget tide gauges.)
    References follow in next post from me.

  • norsaint says:

    Frank is an apostate Marxist, end of story.

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