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Not selling Delingpole

Can’t find Delingpole at your local bookshop?

Not quite our sort of book

by Christopher Akehurst

No, Delingpole does not find a place on the shelves of XXX. The assistant, a rather pleasant woman rather than a male doctoral student with attitude, didn’t exactly reel back in horror but she did shoot me an odd look when I asked for the book, not so much as though she thought I was a crank – well I hope not – but as though she thought I might be having her on. Then she composed her face. "No," she said, "we don’t stock that. There have been one or two requests, but … our buyers didn’t order it. I’ll mention it to the buyer. We could get it in for you…"

I wasn’t surprised. It will be interesting in due course to see the sales figures for Killing the Planet to Save It in Australia. My guess is that like Ian Plimer’s similarly sceptical bestseller Heaven and Earth (also published by Connor Court) it will sell much better than a lot of the pretentious but on-message potboilers that XXX does stock. I therefore fear we are dealing not with a commercial decision but an ideological one after all. XXX not stocking Delingpole is a case of censorship, pure and simple.

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