Doomed Planet

Plimer’s back!!

New book (to be published in November) by Ian Plimer.

How to get Expelled from School:
A guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters

Ian Plimer

Are pupils, parents and the public being fed political propaganda on climate change?

Now is your chance to find out. Professor Plimer gives 101 simple questions with answers for you to ask teachers, activists, journalists and politicians.

The climate industry adjusts the temperature record and withholds raw data, computer codes and information from scrutiny.

Computer predictions of a scary future don’t agree with measurements.

Past natural climate changes have been larger and more rapid than the worst case predictions yet humans adapted.

 Is human-induced global warming the biggest financial and scientific scam in history?

If it is, we will pay dearly.

Connor Court publishers have a prepublication special offer for post free copies signed by Ian Plimer. Details here…

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