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Bob Brown didn’t explain

When the representative of Ta Ann, a company being attacked in a public lecture “authorised” by Senator Bob Brown, wrote a letter to the Hobart Mercury pointing out that the advertisement published by the newspaper was “misleading” with “wrong words, wrong photos, wrong location, wrong time, wrong company”, Bob Brown wrote an angry and evasive letter in reply.

Ignoring the valid criticisms, the Senator threw around insults – the company involved in the "attack" on him was “bullying” and the letter was a “gripe”. The wrong images he had authorised were merely, he said, generic photos. One image, the Senator claimed, showed a “dispossessed tribesman”. That the photo had nothing to do with Ta Ann, and showed a completely different company truck and site, didn’t worry him. And he offered no proof that the tribesman in the photo was “dispossessed”.

Truth doesn’t seem to matter to the Senator.

In another letter to the newspaper a person who attended Senator Brown’s “authorised” lecture pointed out that the video shown also had nothing to do with Ta Ann in Sarawak.

The Left have a real problem dealing with free speech. They don’t get it. For exercising their right to free speech, by writing a letter to a newspaper (which he began by calling a "welcome" attack), Ta Ann was accused by the Senator of attempting to silence critics:

However, unlike Sarawak, freedom of speech and transparency of corporate and political dealings are highly valued in Tasmania.

If the company feels it can silence critics here, as critics are silenced in Sarawak, it is on a new learning curve.

For Senator Brown freedom of speech only works one way – his way.

What makes it more bizarre is that this rant was written in the week that Andrew Bolt was found guilty.

Incidentally, Senator Brown still has a waterfront office.

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