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The Thompsons go to Canberra – 4

Photos from Day Four. Almost there.

The "Welcome to New South Wales" sign actually says "Feel Free." How ironic.

A place in NSW that is flooded. It’s obvious from the trees that the water is not usually there. I wonder if Tim Flannery has traveled across the country lately?

The Murray River was full. This was taken from our caravan park and shows some of our convoy crossing the Murray River at Renmark at 7:00 this morning.

Balranald, our first scheduled stop. We had a police escort to our welcome morning tea sausage sizzle. A fantastic stop!

A truckee who came up to Matt while fueling up and said, "Good on ya, Mate" and signed the petition. This happened often…I just happened to take a photo of this one.

Two photos at Narrandera. They handed over petitions and had been waiting for us for over 1.5 hours (we were running late…for the first time on the whole trip). 

Tomorrow Canberra!! This photo sort of sums things up.

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