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If you think all the mind-numbing nonsense about human-induced-climate-change will just quietly fade away when (or if) Julia Gillard gets her Carbon Tax/ETS through the Australian Parliament—well—think again. 

If you think that The Greens will be satisfied with what they have achieved so far, by messing with the Australian Labor Party’s brain—again—think again. 

PHASE TWO is about to start. 

One new plan announced ten days ago (July 19) by George Monbiot, lead environmental reporter for Britain’s Guardian newspaper, and an unshakable disciple of Homo sapiens induced climate-change, involves declaring "Underground National Parks". George figures that by declaring all the fossil fuels in the Earth’s crust, off-limits, we can prevent “climate breakdown”. Of course you can just see the Saudis and other Middle-Eastern national-park-loving oil-producers agreeing to that! 

Also exclusively reported in the Guardian (July 15) is the latest plan of Sir David King, former UK Chief Scientist. Sir David wants the world to totally abandon the Kyoto Protocol and embrace his latest scheme — CO2 rationing. It’s a gem of an idea. Apparently somebody, presumably the UN, will allocate each person on planet Earth a quota of CO2 that they can have as an allowance each year. He suggests about 2 tonnes per annum. 

Under Sir David’s scheme, lucky Australia would be allowed 22 million (people) x 2 tonnes, which would equal 44 million tonnes of allowable CO2. We currently create about 418 million tonnes of CO2 so we Australians will be looking at shedding about 9/10’s of our current fossil-fuelled lifestyle — give or take a wind-turbine or two. Even the most pessimistic Green-optimist knows that we can’t possibly do this without abandoning cars, trucks, coal/gas fired electricity generators, manufacturing, construction and our airlines as well as the Army, Navy and Air Force — to say nothing of just about everything we export. 

So don’t sell your horse, folks! Alternative transport is going to be at a premium. 

On the other hand, China, with 1,340 million citizens will be allowed 2,680 million tonnes of CO2. That’s down from her present near 8,000 million tonnes of usage. See the trick? Naughty Australia will loose 9/10’s while China will loose 1/3 of her ability to produce life-giving CO2.  Brazil, with 190,000,000 people will be allowed 380,000,000 tonnes of CO2— roughly the amount of CO2 that Brazil currently produces. So while Australia must reduce its fossil-fuel usage by 9/10’s, Brazil’s usage remains the same. Cute … very cute. 

At the other extreme, a country like Fiji with a population of 860,000 will only be allowed 1,720,000 tonnes, which probably means no industry and a roast pig every second lifetime. How the 56,000 Greenlanders will keep warm and be able to read on just 112,000 tonnes of emissions is anyone’s guess? As for the 500 people of the Vatican — there goes the Popemobile and the candles in St Peters. 

While Sir David’s plan sounds slightly loopy, never underestimate Green-loopy. Or for that matter “settled science”. This week has seen the announcement that it looks like the issue of sea-level rising isn’t going according to the models; the Great Barrier reef isn’t dying according to the model; and the darn temperature isn’t being a model … um … model either. The temperature is not going up — apparently because of the Australian coal being burnt by China. The stuff is causing soot, which is causing the planet to cool. Em! There’s always an excuse. You can’t win! 

But not to be outdone as the world’s leading journal of doomsday climate snuff-stuff, the Guardian also published a new map of the world showing the good, the bad and the ugly of world polluters. It was under the banner of “The Smith School-Oxford”. Silly old me thought it must have been done by a little primary school in the UK’s premier university city. But no, the map was produced by an Oxford University institution. Its full title is The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. And guess who is its Director?  None other than Professor Sir David King.

The Oxford School’s map is worth a close examination — particularly as to the grading of countries that are “doing something” about climate-change. The world is colour-coded into countries, according to their “actions and commitments on climate change”. There are five groups which appear to be judged in 20% increments. Orange is "very poor" while Dark Green is "very good". Australia gets the Orange jacket. Strangely our nearest big neighbour, Indonesia, gets a Dark Green (best of show). Seriously! 

What exactly are Indonesia’s commitments? Is Sir David not familiar with the fact that Indonesia is the world’s third largest emitter of green-house gases. Is he unaware of the destruction of vast areas of Indonesia’s peat-lands by burning. Or the massive destruction of tropical rain-forests (much illegal). Is he also unaware of the massive smog belts that originate in Indonesia and effect Malaysia and Singapore. Curiously, the most recent atlas of world pollution shows Australia’s CO2 dropping by 1.8% while Indonesia’s is rising by 2.4%. 

Even more curiously the Smith School map gives China and India Green status, equal to Europe, even though China increased her CO2 emissions by 13.3% and India’s went up by 8.7%. Unbelievably Mexico and Brazil get Dark Green status too. So, we were all  getting upset about the destruction of the Amazon rain forests, for no good reason? If the Oxford School supplied some detail as to how their map was collated, it might have some credence. But like most of the shock-horror scare tactics used by warmists the detail tends to be not that readily available or accessible. 

This Orwellian nightmare just goes on and on—will it never end? Not any time soon, unfortunately. Keep your horse.

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