Doomed Planet

Dear Prime Minister

There has never been a community debate quite like this. The science is not settled. There is disagreement, but those who challenge the science mandarins are being excluded from the debate.

Quadrant Online is publishing an Open Report to the Prime Minister by The Fair Farming Group. This Report brings further challenges to the government’s carbon dioxide tax policy and the findings of the Garnaut Report. Will she listen?

Open Report to the Prime Minister

Fair Farming Group analysis of the Garnaut Report

Our analysis demonstrates that the conclusions of the Garnaut Review:

are not supported by scientific facts or objective measurements,

ignores the geological history,

are based on projections from questionable computer modelling.

This indicates that Professor Garnaut has not been well advised on climate science. Critical scientific information overlooked in the Report negates the case for an Australian carbon tax or emissions trading scheme.

There is no clear or compelling scientific evidence to support the conclusions in the Garnaut ‘Review of the Science of Climate Change Update 2011’. The Review overlooks recent analysis of the climate measurements which expose the fundamental problems at the heart of the IPCC climate models.

The Open Report to the Prime Minister by The Fair Farming Group is available in pdf here…

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