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Blogger Gavin Atkins wrote a story which was picked up by the international media when he asked “What happened to the climate refugees?” In it he revealed that the claim, made by the United Nations and others, that global warming would produce 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010 was bogus:

a very cursory look at the first available evidence seems to show that the places identified by the United Nations Environment Programme as most at risk of having climate refugees are not only not losing people, they are actually among the fastest growing regions in the world.

The New Scientist has now joined the discussion – without giving mythbuster Gavin Atkins any credit for breaking the story and pointing to the monstrous hole in the climate warming debate that none of the professional experts noticed, and without revealing that the populations in countries supposedly at risk have actually risen.

Back to Atkins:

50m climate refugees? New Scientist can’t find them either

By Gavin Atkins

New Scientist magazine has done some investigative work on the bogus claim that there would be 50 million refugees by 2010.

One of the revelations is that the map that the United Nations Environment Programme created but now claims does not represent their views, was based on information from a study that they partly funded.

The article goes on to try and identify climate refugees, but fails to mention our findings that the areas identified as most likely to be affected by climate refugees have actually grown.  It also includes this astonishing sentence:

"For sceptics, however, these few hundred compare badly with Myers’s 50 million."

You mean, for AGW believers, a few hundred is close enough? Then comes this zinger from the author of the original study:

Myers told New Scientist: “It may be very difficult to demonstrate that there are 50 million climate refugees, but it is even harder to demonstrate that there are not.” He sees no reason to change his estimate.

Certainly, it is difficult to demonstrate there are not when nobody makes an effort to monitor the situation, but it’s still remarkably easy to look at a census and make a judgment.

The second revelation is that despite all of the many millions of dollars being spent on climate change, nobody anywhere appears to be trying to keep tabs on climate refugees.

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