Doomed Planet

Warming scam continues

Still neeeded: sound empirical science 

Some people think that the global warming scam is finished, that the Ration-N-Tax Scheme is dead, and that there is no further threat to our jobs, our economy and our energy supplies. Unfortunately there is no reason to relax. Public opinion has changed but the politicians have not.

Britons recently had a chance to vote on the “Oh so Green” Labour Party of Gordon Brown. They entered the polling booths holding their noses, pleased to get rid of one lot, but with no enthusiasm for the other lot. The “Conservative” Coalition governing Britain is also deep green, and in love with the Climate Change agenda of green taxes, subsidies and mandates. 

Over in USA, their Ration-N-Tax Scheme passed the lower house and was rebadged and recently re-presented to a suspicious Senate as “The American Power Act”. And the US Senate has just confirmed the right of their EPA to class carbon dioxide as a pollutant. As in much of the world, politicians are out of step with the public, who have other priorities. 

Across the Tasman, Kiwi’s changed governments but got the same carbon demonization policies.

Here in Australia, we can expect Penny Wong’s discredited Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to be rebadged as something like “The Power Conservation and Clean Energy Bill” (or something equally trendy). It will be supported by the wets in the Liberal Party, but it will still have a heart of carbon taxes and rationing. (Do you want a world where a bureaucrat could turn off your electrical appliances from a switch in his office?) 

And the UN? Because it’s wayward offspring, the IPCC, is now tarnished goods, the international jet set need a new vehicle to justify their monthly jaunts at our expense to various hardship locations like Rio, Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, Paris and Bonn (travelling on bicycles and sailing ships of course). We can expect things like an “IPCC for Nature”, which will try to impose global government, world taxation, wealth re-distribution and a new international bureaucracy to “protect the natural world”. As polar bears are thriving, the new buzz word may be “bio-diversity”. This will be a WWF/Greenpeace look-alike with one important difference – it will be funded with money conscripted from Western taxpayers. 

And everywhere, politicians whose taxation, welfare, health and monetary policies are unsustainable will keep lecturing and commanding us to become “sustainable”.

We can expect little help. The mainstream media, especially the government media, will remain committed to bureaucratism, climatism and doomism. Corporate opposition will be bought off with subsidies or exemptions or cowed into submission by draconian tax threats. 

Australia is fortunate to have several strong and independent organisations that provide persistent, consistent and uncompromising criticism of the Global Warming Agenda, including the Carbon Sense Coalition, the JoNova blog and the Australian Climate Science Coalition. We are also lucky to have some honest press brokers like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Miranda Devine. 

But we few sceptics of man-made global warming remain outgunned by the green army of Gore trained activists, misguided politicians, vested business interests and the government paid machine of bureaucrats, academics and media people. This army is largely supported by the main stream media. 

All we can do is keep the focus on evidence and sound science, and expose baseless alarmism.

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