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CSIRO’s “denialist” slide show

Following the Victorian Government’s sponsoring of a seminar for public servants by CSIRO scientist Paul Holper on how to deal with “climate change denialism” the presentation was given to Anthony Watts: 

CSIRO has counter meeting to address “denialism” 

You know you must be having an impact when protesters show up and counter meetings are being scheduled. I use the word “denialism” because the flyer I was shown from CSIRO contained that word several times, but does not appear in their official PR. 

I find that while I’m doing my tour in Australia, CSIRO organized a meeting that is designed to combat the sort of inconvenient discussions I’m having. Fortunately, I’ve been given the whole slide show and can share it here. For example, see how CSIRO views “sceptics”.

The CSIRO presentation is here…

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