Doomed Planet

Coming soon: Heaven and Earth

Ian Plimer on his forthcoming book, Heaven and Earth:

On the basis of evidence, there is no such thing as human-induced climate change. There is certainly climate change which has been with us for only 4,567 million years.

At Easter, my book on climate change comes out. I destroy every single argument that has ever been raised about human-induced climate change. I use history, archaeology, geology and our understanding of the sun, oceans, ice and atmosphere to show that climates always change, the past changes have been far greater and quicker than anything measured at present and that the changes that really create havoc with humans are the periods of global cooling. I just give the science (written in layman’s language and supported by references) and I leave the politics of carbon trading, emissions trading etc to others.

Although the book is 503 pages long, has 55 diagrams and 2311 scientific references, it is written for the average person. Each chapter poses fundamental questions about climate, the questions we take for granted. I answer these questions. Then I have a chapter summary. This is then followed by a fully referenced chapter text. This make the book readable at three levels. It is in essence a validated compendium of all that is needed to be known about climate change, past and present. 

Dr Vaclav Klaus (EU President ), Lord Lawson (Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer) and Professor Geoffrey Blainey have written cover notes. The book will ruffle feathers because I stick to the science and ignore ideology, ignore the popular paradigm and ignore politics. However, I use science and those that will attack me will use ideology. It is being concurrently published in the UK by Quartet Books. It is being printed now and will be available around Easter. Any pre-ordered copy I will sign personally at the bookbinder – this might be a valuable last signature as I expect a green fatwah.

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