A Class Act Expelled From School

Dear Principal,
I just read your email, resulting from the Premier’s announcement today. It saddens me greatly to have to inform you that under no circumstances will I participate in what is essentially a global health experiment.

You are probably well aware that in my 14 years at (school name redacted), I have taken zero sick days. In fact, in my entire 51 year career, I have taken six sick days, five of which were injury and one of which was food poisoning.

I am not one of the perjoratively described “anti-vaxxers”. In fact, a few years ago, my daughter asked me to take the whooping cough vaccine prior to the birth of her first child. I acceded to this, even though I was fit and healthy and had never been within a bull’s roar of whooping cough. But the whooping cough vaccine was not experimental, and had gone through all the checks and balances that vaccines, prior to these COVID vaccines, had to face. I have never had the flu’ vaccine, and I have never had the flu’.

I have always been very careful about what I let into my body. I don’t drink alcohol. I eat a plant-based diet and rarely eat cooked food. I avoid fast foods at all costs. I don’t drink coffee, although I don’t mind a cup of tea. I avoid processed foods. Also, I keep myself reasonably fit, starting off most days of the year with a two-hour, fairly high intensity, physical workout. I sleep pretty well, and I don’t get too stressed about anything at all. Many say I am lucky, and maybe I am, but a lot of it has to do with the choices I have made with respect to my health.

The COVID virus, in the main, afflicts people with health issues. Many of these issues are self-inflicted, such as smoking-induced illness, consuming foods too high in fats and sugars, poor exercise, getting overweight, leading to Type 2 diabetes, drinking too much alcohol, and so on.

So along comes a Premier who thinks everyone has the same health base, and starts making rules about how I should be managing my health. The lunacy of it all is that the protected are demanding that the unprotected partake of the protection that the protected have used, because the protection that the protected have used isn’t protecting them from either the protected or the unprotected. It’s like something out of a Monty Python movie.

As you well know, I love teaching and I think I bring a lot of energy and expertise to the school. I tell everyone that I meet out there that teaching at our school is like dying and going to heaven. I also tell people who grizzle about working at our school to try somewhere else and maybe then they would appreciate how good it is.

I am not blaming you, or the (school) board, for any of this. I have been watching it coming for quite some time. Equally, I can see in six months or a year, the Premier will wake up to the stupidity of what he is imposing, and quietly let these rules abate.

So, I don’t want to actually resign, but I do have about half a year’s long service leave up my sleeve. Maybe at the end of this year, I can take this leave until June next year. Should the rules still be in place, then I can either resign or go on some further extended leave. But I know you have a school to run, and you need to get good maths teachers who want to stay there.

I am more than happy to come and talk to you about this, although I imagine I am not the only person with these concerns, so you might be fairly busy.

Kind regards’
A Victorian Teacher

28 thoughts on “A Class Act Expelled From School

  • Michael says:

    Vaccination is no longer about health. Limiting the freedom of unvaccinated is said to be about providing them an incentive to get vaccinated. In other words, the restrictions on the unvaccinated are a punishment for the thougtcrime of not wanting to get the COVID vaccination.

  • STD says:

    Michael ,totally correct .
    I was told by a manager at work that unless I got vaccinated I would be on leave without pay.
    I did explain that I was waiting for the traditional protein based vaccine, Novavax to become available. I even explained to this guy that I have as much chance of catching and spreading the virus as he has.
    I think this has less to do with the virus and has more to do with control.


  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    “Equally, I can see in six months or a year, the Premier will wake up to the stupidity of what he is imposing, and quietly let these rules abate.”
    That is my heartfelt hope too, for I dislike being one of ‘the vaxxed’ whilest this enforced separation is continuing on in our society. Moves to tighten the internal passports in some polities in Europe and elsewhere (Lithuania comes to mind in particular) make me less hopeful, but Britain does seem to be leaning towards liberty at last. At best, six months to a year, that is a dreadful sentence fo pass upon valuable contributory citizens like this teacher or indeed to anyone at all, people who due to these vaxx edicts are losing employment and their supposedly inalienable civil rights. This is hardly following ‘the science’. These are knee-jerk impositions are merely made from a desire to be seen to be in control. The harm they do must be stopped.

  • roger.macrury says:

    I think you may have a considerable opportunity to teach private students – there will be so many who need help after 2 years of lost schooling.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Mrs. Beare–Thank you. I know that some people choose to get the shot because they feel that it IS best for their health, and that others get it because they feel forced to. But if all of those people took your attitude, we would not be in nearly as much of a mess.
    I cannot state that I will, absolutely, never get any of these jabs, though I certainly do not plan to. But, if I do feel that I must for some reason, I hope that I will live as an unvaccinated person in other areas.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Here in WA, teachers have to be jabbed before the start of the next school year. That means that a very good family friend is anticipating the end of his teaching career.
    A colleague of his (call him Fred) was asked by another colleague his opinion on the jabs. The comments Fred made in that private conversation were obviously reported on by somebody, because he received an e-mail informing him that he was close to disciplinary action for discussing a political matter.
    A political matter. Every now and then, the wuflu zealots inadvertently tell the truth!

  • Daffy says:

    I think the demand for being vaxed by hoi polloi, the pedarii and even the great manipulators is not about control or obedience, it is vague need for affirmation and social connection. Fear is the driver. But it is irrational on the numbers. Both the risk of illness numbers and on the population participation rate. The latter is so large that the number not wanting to be vaxed has become irrelevant. The authorities should drop it post haste.
    The irrationality of the fear is palpable in some places, and conformity has become an act of animist spirituality, a pagan-like gesture of magical significance. All entirely mad.

  • Egil says:

    The policy of the consistently/invariably failing communist experiments/regimes over the last century was;
    “If it’s not working –
    We obviously just need a lot more of it…!”
    A repeat along the very same lines – same totalitarian mindset – is happening with the failing,
    experimental ‘vaccines’ that now increasingly are coerced/forced upon young and old;
    More ‘top ups’/’boosters’ are ‘needed’!
    2? 3? times a year for EVERYBODY!
    OR – Stay in your room!
    Austria, not unfamiliar with dictatorial ways, seems keen to lead the way
    with its now forced Mengele style/mandatory participation in this medical experiment.
    How long before the ‘mandate’/compulsory ‘vaccination’ will be extended to the newly born?
    The many ‘Pravdas’ of our days are sadly much more dominant and invasive
    than most of the primitive offerings of the past.
    How Pravda would have loved the reach of FaceBook.
    Unless the pure inhumanity of ‘The Great Reset’ is undressed and confronted –
    The Elite/ The Solar Powered ‘1984’ on steroids billionaires of most Continents
    will ensure there are ZERO good teachers left standing.
    Very soon.
    These are indeed the most putrid of times.

  • NFriar says:

    Good thing that he is resigning – teachers and nurses who do not have the vaccination have no care for those in their charge.

    I say good riddance.

    I am a retired teacher.

  • NFriar says:

    Boosters to my knowledge – are not compulsary in the work place.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    The implication running right through this letter is that if you’re a good teacher who:

    – has taken only 6 sick days in a career of 51 years

    doesn’t drink alcohol,

    eats only a plant based diet (rarely cooked)

    and exercises regularly

    You should not have to comply with public health pandemic directives of a legitimate democratically elected government when you personally disagree with those directives which have been based on the advice of medical experts in the appropriate field.

    What I find “sad” about this is the logic.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    The sort of logic in this letter, the violent threats ( including death threats) against the Victorian premier and his family, the disgustingly threatening language at protests and the very high levels of abuse ICU nursing staff have had to endure from the families of unvaccinated patients will not influence public opinion against pandemic regulations.

    If anything, it’s far more likely to harden public opinion in favour.

  • vickisanderson says:

    I must be getting old – but I am really losing my “cool” with the disinclination (or obstinance) of otherwise intelligent and educated people, to actually form their opinions about this seminal crisis in our civilisation other than through the mainstream media.

    How many are aware that some of the world’s most celebrated epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists – many of them Nobel Prize recipients and prolifically published – are vehemently opposed to the mass vaccination with these “vaccines”?

    Personally, throughout 2020 I was eagerly awaiting any potential vaccine that could deal with the growing pandemic. But the arrival of the new gene therapy applications and the first rush of adverse reactions had me deeply researching the development of the research and the opinions of real experts, rather than the medical bureaucrats advising governments.

    The result was frankly shattering. And, in spite of the efforts of government to “manage” the narrative, the progressive revelations about the inefficacy (let alone dangers) of these products, was conclusive to me – forget being vaccinated!

    It has been doubly insulting to be accused by government, media and friends of succumbing to “conspiracy theories”! I fear we are sinking into a dark age in which analysis and criticism are actually outlawed in mainstream society.

    It is deeply worrying that our so called “educated” sectors of society are failing to apply their “education”. Thank God, then, that the less educated are the ones out on the streets today defending what they see as just common sense!

  • BalancedObservation says:


    I would not accuse you of being the victim of conspiracy theories like your friends have. And I hesitate to respond to what you’ve said because I don’t want to upset you further. I’m sorry you feel so bad about the situation.

    I’m not sure what’s fully motivating you in your response but I’d assume it’s very well intentioned. Your response seems to be based on the views of the relatively small number of dissenting experts who disagree with the vaccination approach. I’m not saying there’s only a handful of them but from my observations they represent a minority of experts. They certainly have not been influential in the policy approach of governments throughout the world. Don’t you wonder why?

    I’d like you to ponder these points
    for a moment.

    Just about every government in the world, regardless of its complexion, has used vaccination to manage the pandemic, based on the expert medical and scientific advice available to them. They could all of course be wrong. But I’d imagine that’s highly unlikely, especially when you consider the huge variation in the makeup of those governments.

    And just about all continue to use a vaccination approach after trying it. I’ve personally seen no case of any government in the world abandoning a vaccination approach.

    And it’s not only individual countries’ governments… world bodies like the WHO and the United Nations favour a vaccination approach. I’m not arguing they’re infallible either. They certainly aren’t. But doesn’t it make you wonder just a little?

    Among those opposing vaccination there’s been a tendency by a significant number to be aggressive and violent in their response. We’ve seen it on our streets here. We’ve seen in it in the worrying level of abuse of ICU staff by the relatives of unvaccinated covid patients. Doesn’t that make you wonder?

    Whereas I’ve seen none of that from those in favour of a vaccination approach. They may criticise you personally but from what I’ve seen they aren’t out on the streets violently protesting against those opposing vaccination or refusing to be vaccinated.

    According to you it’s mainly the uneducated who have seen the light and protested that the vaccination approach is wrong. Doesn’t that make you wonder just a little?

    With something as dramatic and widespread as what we’ve all been facing you’d expect a number of dissenting experts who’d you’d be able to locate on the internet or in scientific journals.

    However as you say it’s unusual to see much of them in well recognized media outlets generally regarded as reputable. I’m not saying those main stream media outlets are infallible either – but doesn’t it make you wonder?

    Unfortunately I think we’ve far from seen the back of covid. The situation has been improving in Australia recently but I’d say we can expect a push by governments for vaccination to continue and the use of vaccination passports etc to become more widespread.

    The will of governments supported by a majority of citizens is likely to continue this approach based on electoral results we’ve seen here so far.

  • vickisanderson says:

    “According to you it’s mainly the uneducated who have seen the light and protested that the vaccination approach is wrong.”

    Yes, it’s one of the more interesting aspects to the COVID issue. This observation was based on a detailed study by an US university, but it does not surprise me, as there are demonstrably a predominance of average Australians, including family groups, in the current demonstrations against vaccine mandates across Australia. And it also does not surprise me as, most often, it is those with a basic education who have the best faculty of discerning incongruities, which we Aussies commonly call “a good bullshit detector”.

    Incidentally, the other group this study identified as “vaccine hesitant” are PhDs – of which I am one. We are compulsive researchers – something lacking in those who rely on the ABC or mainstream media for the major decisions in their life.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    Yes I find it interesting too. But from my dealings with those with PHDs they don’t have very good bullshit sectors at all. And I’ve had a lot of experience with them. Many tend to believe their own bullshit from my wide experience with them.

    Judging from the behaviour of a lot of protestors in general they don’t seem to have very good judgement in how to go about their protests. They’re largely counter productive from what I see.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    That should have read from my dealings with PHDs – they don’t seem to have good bullshit detectors.

    And you’d wonder how good the bullshit detectors of those protesting are when their protests are likely to be counter productive. Have you really been watching them?

    Arguably people with good judgement would never be influenced by the sorts of behaviour we’ve seen on our streets from protestors. You would not need a PHD to know death threats, abuse and violence were unacceptable and unlikely to influence anyone.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    # balanced observation. You stated here categorically in a previous post a number of weeks ago your supposedly ‘logically’ held view that case rates, hospitalisations and deaths in the US would not rise with the coming winter. Care to take a look at the real data? Since that time rolling seven day case averages have risen from 70 000 to over 90 000 and continuing to rise fast as are associated hospitalisations and deaths in the fully vaccinated. Care to take a look at the real data? And guess which state is leading the way – California – and who is least impacted, yep you heard it here first -Florida. There is not a single contribution you have made here in recent weeks that is or has proven to be correct. You are clearly lacking the capacity for critical thinking, have no formal education in science or health (as you constantly bend over backwards for so called ‘experts’ – of course not the ones who don’t fit your narrative) and as such are intellectually challenged when it comes to the real tenets of science. You are however an excellent ‘political science’ propagandist.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    #BO – ‘ With something as dramatic and widespread as what we’ve all been facing you’d expect a number of dissenting experts who’d you’d be able to locate on the internet or in scientific journals.’ -you responded on this journals platform a number of weeks ago to the dissenting views of an Emeritus Professor of Pathology no less! Mate, I’m sorry to inform you but you wouldn’t pass the pub test as a human being unfortunately.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    Citizen Kane

    I have answers to everything you raised but I refuse to debate with someone who thinks I’m below a human being.

    The approach of yours is so consistent with the abuse we’ve see on our streets.

  • STD says:

    Just give us the NovaVax – let us make our own minds up.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    #BO Good – they wouldn’t be ‘worth the paper they are written on’ . All I have seen is peaceful demonstrations. You may of course be referring to Vicpol using rubber bullets on citizens to reinforce your preferred dogma of the benefits of lockdown etc. Remind me about Victorian case numbers again? Or of course you may be referring to the official Vicpol report into the incident surrounding Victorian Animal Liberation politician and upper house cross benchers’ daughter in the last 24 hours that the AAP states, attributes the instigation of the incident to Ms Meddick, who was graffiting a wall and associated poster with a spray can in downtown Melbourne when she was confronted by a passer by, who she then proceeded to throw the can at. The passer by then chased her briefly throwing the can back at her and striking her in the head causing a small laceration. You may of course be referring to those events. Nothing like twisting the facts to try and get a point across – something you seem very adept at. Here is your invitation to demonstrate, provide evidence and corroborate your allegation ‘with the abuse we’ve see on our streets.’ Or are you just yet again parroting main stream media without applying any critical thinking of your own?

  • Citizen Kane says:

    #BO On second thoughts I would love you to furnish us all with your deep insights into how mRNA and mDNA vaccines will bring a halt to the pandemic and associated hospitalisations and death – the only thing standing in the way being petulant ‘wrongthink’ of course. Then in a few more weeks from now, I can once again point out how wrong you are, and were, yet again as the northern hemisphere is awash with cases. And in the face or highly vaccinated populations with transmission rates as high as they have ever been (see UK), you can once more tell us all how mRNA vaccination will stop transmission and it is our duty to our wider community.

  • STD says:

    PHD= piled high dung.
    Mr Andrews is at fault ,he has denied people their democratic expectations and rights in regard to freedom , democratic freedoms actually.
    Furthermore the ALP does not and did not seek a mandate for this route at the last election, therefore morally they are in breach with regard to the democratically elected spirit of election law.The ALP in Victoria has betrayed people’s trust, this is why people are angry. The Victorian ALP headed by Mr Andrews is effectively inciting hatred . A legal mind could correct me here, I think that is actually illegal in law ,and no one is above the law- is that right?

  • STD says:

    Marxist Governments in general have a vile hatred of the people they purportedly represent- however they need these people’s votes to exercise power over them. We have the opportunity for democratic elected communism every 3-4yrs in Australia.
    People are sheep, and doesn’t the Fabian wolf know it.

  • mags of Queensland says:

    Judging from some of the comments here it is easy to see how we have allowed our freedoms to be curtailed by governments. I have been double vaxxed and live in an area that has not had one case of covid. I do not hold with mandatory vaccination, it should be a matter of choice. However, there are some circumstances that warrant vaccination, particularly among those who deal with people with major health issues. The promise of the current vaccines is that it won’t prevent you getting covid but it will help you to stay alive. I guess that is all we can hope for until a fully tested serum becomes available. It’s no good taking sides with this as we get so much disinformation that it is hard to tell fact from fiction.

  • BalancedObservation says:

    Mags of Queensland

    Thank you for your moderate and fair comments.

    Nice to see comments like yours here.

    It’s understandable how this covid problem is upsetting people. It upsets us all, no matter where we stand on the various issues. But being upset is one thing. Being abusive is another.

    The more we all work peacefully together the better this terrible covid development will be managed. That applies throughout the world. Not just here.

    What has happened in the short time since covid struck, all still seems a bit surreal to me. It’s a time to think of others. It’s probably always a good time to do that but perhaps at times like this more than ever.

  • Citizen Kane says:

    Well done mags of QLD, you have received the moral imprimatur from BO, who in an earlier post was quick to describe the logic of a life long teacher who is about to loose his job for simply exercising his freedom of informed consent as to what vaccine he chooses to receive, as ‘sad’. BO then went on to essentially tar all the 100’s of thousands of mum and dad demonstrators from the weekend protests as abusive and violent. It is indeed ironic that the undertaking of any invasive medical procedure without informed consent is liable to assault and battery charges under law in Australia. As ironic as BO claiming some kind of moral authority.

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