Bill Muehlenberg

Whatever happened to the separation of mosque and state?

OK, I was wrong. I have complained about the war against Christianity and how the secular state is squeezing it out of every part of the public arena. I have noted how the iron wall between church and state has resulted in Christians becoming second class citizens in their own Western nations.

But one counter-example has just appeared, so I guess I was wrong. It seems there is hope yet. It appears that there is a Melbourne Council which is actually using tax monies to fund Christian outreach and evangelism. So I guess the secular crusade against Christianity is not so bad after all. Indeed, read for yourself what the Darebin Council is advertising:

“Darebin Christians Reaching Out – Project Officer…
An opportunity exists within the Community Planning Partnerships and Performance Department for a motivated Project Officer. This is a temporary, full-time (38 hrs per week) position….
You will be responsible for implementing the Jesus Peace – Darebin’s Christian Reaching Out project, funded by the Federal Attorney General’s department.
You will be responsible for:
• Working in partnership with the Christian Society of Victoria to strengthen its role and effectiveness in organising events, dealing with the media, resolving conflicts, and managing stakeholders
• Developing and implementing activities that assist the Christian Society of Victoria to dispel myths and misconceptions about Christianity and Christians
• Organising a series of seminars and events around interfaith and intercultural dialogue targeting community members to learn about Christianity and its practices.”

Well, I guess there is hope after all for our secular society that the state and Christianity can peacefully co-exist and work together. I guess the wall of separation between church and state is not as bad as I had previously thought. Wow, that is such a relief…


Oh, sorry, I just went back and reread that ad, and I actually made a minor mistake. All of the above information is completely true, but I misread ‘Islam’ for ‘Christianity’, and ‘Muslim’ for ‘Christian’. Hey, my mistake. So simply replace every Christian term in that ad with a Muslim term, and you will in fact have the real story.

So the Darebin Council is actually funding an evangelistic outreach with our tax dollars, but it is not Christian outreach, but Muslim dawah (mission). The Islamic Council of Victoria will get our big bucks, and you and I will be happily subsidising Islamic outreach in Melbourne and beyond. Aren’t you glad to know your tax dollars are going to such a vital cause?

Gee, for a moment there a few of you thought a ghastly thing was occurring: public monies being spent on Christian evangelism. Well, I am so glad I discovered my mistake. We can all now rest assured that Christianity will receive not one penny of taxpayers’ money. The strict separation of church and state will be fiercely maintained and enforced.

At least when it comes to Christianity. Evidently when it comes to Islam, our secular lefty Councils (and Federal Government) have absolutely no problem with cosy cooperation. I guess in our multiculti society, Christians dare not raise their heads in public, but we can all subsidise Islamic outreach, bringing mosque and state into real close alignment.

It is such a relief knowing that our vigilant secularists have not slipped up here. They are still fully committed to maintaining their policy of ugly anti-Christian bigotry. Maybe if Christians just changed their names to Muslims, they too could be the recipient of all this government help and promotion, and all those cool tax dollars.

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