Bill Muehlenberg

Anzacs and Political Correctness

Let me say this boldly and bluntly: when the Anzacs died in huge numbers nearly a century ago, they did not do it so that we could legalise same-sex marriage. Nor did they fight and die to see creeping sharia engulf Australia. A former SAS head said that just recently.

He was immediately besieged by the gaystapo for daring to say this, just as I will be. The only difference is, he ended up apologising for his remarks, but I will not. Jim Wallace, who now heads up the Australian Christian Lobby, was 100 per cent correct in making his remarks.

According to the press, this is what he said on Twitter: "Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!" The article also says this: “He said he was moved to tweet about Australia and his beliefs after talking to his father, who served in World War II. ‘I’m sitting here with my 96-year-old father, a veteran of Tobruk,’ he said. ‘He’s telling me he can’t recognise the Australia he fought for’.”

But as is expected in today’s PC climate, all hell has broken out about this, at least by all the usual suspects: the militant homosexual lobby, the Islamic lobby, and a compliant and mischief-making MSM. And all the expected hate campaigns have had their effect, so Mr Wallace said later that he “unreservedly” apologised.

The press account puts it this way: “He later apologised on Twitter, posting: ‘Ok you are right my apologies this was the wrong context to raise these issues. ANZACs mean to (sic) much to me to demean this day, not intended.’

“He said he expected people to take ‘advantage’ of his comments on Twitter to ‘score a point’, but said he meant no offence on a day that means a lot to many Australians – including him. ‘I had no intention to offend anyone on Anzac Day,’ he said. ‘Anzac Day means a lot to me. I spent 32 years in the defence force’.”

This episode is about a number of things. One is free speech, or the lack thereof in modern PC Australia. Just as soon as anyone dares to express himself about any hot potato topic of the day, you can expect all the usual lobby groups to instantly engage in a hate campaign to silence the person.

Instead of living in a democracy where various points of view can be freely heard, we are instead living in a PC state where it is becoming increasingly risky to dare say anything that will rock the PC agendas. The homosexual lobby is clearly the most Stalinist in this regard. They will tolerate absolutely no dissent from their radical agenda.

Also, this episode shows just how very powerful a few militant lobby groups have become. They effectively control the MSM, and if they had their way, all alternate media outlets which do not comply with their radical agendas would be shut down or heavily censored.

Jim Wallace was absolutely right to say what he did about the significance of Anzac Day. It had absolutely nothing to do with young men dying so far away so that those who wish to destroy society by pushing their radical agendas could do so. And it certainly had nothing to do with the forces of political correctness shouting down anyone who dares to disagree with them.

If freedom is in large measure what the Anzacs have fought and died for, that includes the right of former military leaders to be able to speak freely about things that matter deeply to them, without being turned into a pariah by the hate brigades.

While we can always seek to be tactful, diplomatic and careful in our timing when we speak out on various issues in the public arena, there is never a need to apologise for speaking the truth. Who cares how many PC lobbyists and activists make a stink? Let them. Indeed, let the whole world make a stink if it will. But as Alexander Solzhenitsyn rightly said, “One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world.”

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