Bill Muehlenberg

G’Day Augaylia

I suppose it had to come to this. But it really should not be too surprising. The homosexual juggernaut continues to roll on, crushing everything in its path. I suppose soon enough Australia will be renamed Augaylia and all new citizens will have to pass a homosexual-friendly citizenship test.

This may not be too farfetched. Consider what one trendy Melbourne council has decided to do. It has actually taken down the Australian flag and put up a homosexual flag in its place. Yes you heard me correctly. As one paper put it, “There are three flagpoles on most of the council’s town halls, but this week, while it kept flying the local and the national Aboriginal flags, the Australian flag was taken down. ‘The gay pride flag replaces the Australian flag, which is at the highest mast head,’ City of Port Phillip mayor Rachel Powning confirmed this morning.”

Well, there you go. Less than two percent of the Australian population is now holding captive the rest of the nation. According to this militant minority, the Australian flag is no longer good enough, and we need to promote radical social activist agendas instead. Just imagine the outcry if any council dared to raise a Christian flag.

Actually there would be far more justification for such a move. At the last national census 64 per cent of Australians described themselves as Christian. There certainly are far more Christians in Australia than homosexuals. Yet this religious group has never even considered replacing the Australian flag with one of its own.

There is no attempt being made by Christians to take over Australia and turn it into a theocracy. But there clearly is an attempt by homosexual activists to turn Australia into a gayocracy. They will not rest until the entire nation bows to their militant agenda.

But why in the world should we promoting a dangerous lifestyle like homosexuality? We might as well raise a flag celebrating and promoting cigarette smoking. Or perhaps drink driving. All three are high risk lifestyles. Since when do they get preferential treatment and special status?

Most Australian would be dumbfounded that out national flag could be so shamelessly removed, only to be replaced by this symbol of radical social engineering. Just how much power does this noisy minority group have anyway? There are in fact more Muslims in Australia than homosexuals.

Thus it might be more appropriate to raise the green crescent that the homosexual rainbow. This particular episode in itself may well be a worry but might not signify too much. But taken together with so many other examples of homosexual belligerency and activism, it becomes a major concern indeed.

A minority group is imposing its will on the rest of Australia whether the majority likes it or not. This is scandalous, and needs to be resisted. No one activist minority group has the right to transform the nation into its own image. But the way we are heading, that seems to be exactly what we can expect.

Today it’s the desecration of the Australian flag. What will it be tomorrow? It is one thing to extend tolerance to various minority groups. It is quite another for them to take this acceptance as a green light for radical social transformation and the takeover of a nation.

Some of us have been warning for decades now that the homosexual assault on the rest of society would be unrelenting, all-encompassing, and ever escalating. This is just the most recent example, but many more – and worse – examples will soon be forthcoming. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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