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Selling kids

Children as Commodities: Episode 3,597

Another day, another case of child abuse. But this is politically correct child abuse. Thus it is condoned, approved of, favoured and celebrated. As long as it is done according to the laws of PC, then it is quite acceptable. And who gives a rip about the child anyway?

As long as the children are part of radical social experiments, then anything goes. Consider this case of madness in which a toddler is being kicked around like a football by not one, not two, not three, but four adults – and an activist judge. And of course it is all OK because these four are homosexuals – a federally protected species.

This is how the story opens:

They set out together to create a much-wanted child. But when baby E was born, his lesbian parents, and the gay couple who donated their sperm, were unprepared for the ‘flood of emotions’ that hit them.

Although the four had discussed parental responsibilities and visiting arrangements at a ‘baby summit’ before E’s conception, the Family Court heard that in the struggle for ‘ownership’ of the child after his birth, the women stopped the men from seeing him. Justice Linda Dessau had to determine what was in two-year-old E’s best interests.

The madness simply intensifies:

Stressing that the case was not about the socio-politics of single-sex parents or the definition of a nuclear family, she ruled that the boy should spend time with all four adults. ‘E is the product of a number of fine people,’ she said in a recent judgment. ‘He is entitled to know about them, to know them, and to know their love of him’.’

So much insanity in so few words! What did we just read here? We read of a ‘flood of emotions’. Yep, going on feelings is what this is usually about. Never mind what is right, or what is rational. Just do what feels good. That is the only arbiter nowadays of right and wrong.

Then we have talk of ‘ownership’ of this hapless toddler. The child is a mere commodity in this ugly world of adult selfishness gone mad. A slab of meat being tossed around by incredibly selfish and juvenile adults who are only concerned about their wants, not the well-being of the child.

And of course the learned judge thinks that family definition has nothing to do with anything. Never mind the thousands of studies that prove conclusively that family structure does very much matter for the well-being of the child.

Never mind that a biological mother and father cemented by marriage is the strongest indicator of child stability, well-being and health. Never mind that the research now is basically closed on this most vital of matters. But since when does a PC judiciary really care very much about evidence and facts?

But the real winner is this bizarre remark by the esteemed judge: ‘E is the product of a number of fine people.’ There you go. Today we do not have children who come from a loving mother and father. Instead, we have ‘products’ which are the result of any number of players.

Indeed, we now have committees and teams who are hatching these products. I can’t see how things can get much more depersonalised, demeaning, and inhumane. This is all brave new world lingo, straight out of the worst scenarios found in science fiction novels.

Forgot families altogether. Let’s just generate these products in the factories. Indeed, we seem to care far more about battery hens and their egg-laying woes than we do about human beings and the infants they conceive. This is simply another indication that humanity is on the path of no return.

That this judge can so cavalierly and glibly treat this toddler as just some product purchased at K-Mart is reprehensible. But the same goes for these four infantile adults who are far more hung up on their own desires than the good – or otherwise – of this poor child.

The destruction of marriage and family is well under way in Western cultures. And the biggest losers of all are the children who are mere pawns in the cruel games played by PC adults who would rather created their dysfunctional new world than put the interests of children first.

When innocent children become the victims of radical social agendas, then we know without doubt that civilised society is nearing its end.


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