Bill Muehlenberg

Bonk ‘em, don’t eat ‘em

It is hard watching the MSM without getting a bit agitated now and then. I refer to a rather disturbing event that took place on Monday on the ABC television program, Q&A. This is a typical ABC debate program wherein the ABC thinks it is fair to have one conservative take on a whole bunch of lefties.

This happens all the time with the ABC and other leftwing mainstream media outlets. I know this full well, since I have taken part in countless such “debates” over the years as the only token conservative voice. The moderator of course is usually not moderate, so you have everyone else effectively lined up against you.

The same with this Q&A. One lonely conservative voice, Liberal Senator Helen Coonan, was pitted against lefty heavyweights such as David Marr, Peter Singer, and Peter Garrett, along with a Monash psychiatrist. So here we have in usual fashion, a total of five against one. Nothing new there.

But the real concern was when Singer was asked about some of his really bizarre ideas. I have written up this vegetarian, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia and pro-infanticide activist elsewhere. But he has also been known for his outrageous views on bestiality. I have already had many people express their shock at what Singer advocated last night, but I have had to tell them that he has been pushing this position for years. Indeed, he was happy to go public with this a decade ago. For example, he had an article in Nerve online magazine in 2001 entitled “Heavy Petting”.

In it he wondered why in the world we have taboos against bestiality. You can read this incredible article for yourself. In it he waxes eloquent about the virtues of bestiality, going into great details about the joys of sex with horses, dogs, orang-utans and donkeys.

He said there, as he did again last night, that as long as the animal is not hurt or exploited, what is wrong with it? Is that it? As long as the animal is happy, let’s go for it? And this guy is a world-renowned ethicist and philosopher. As a strident vegetarian, all that he is really doing here is telling us that it is OK to have sex with animals, as long as we don’t eat them afterwards.

So what he shared last night was nothing new. The amazing thing was that he was not booed off the show. This is incredible. A reputable prime-time debate program which allows some “intellectual” to tell us there is nothing wrong with bestiality. And most of the other panellists did not seem concerned at all.

True, Coonan and the psychiatrist expressed mild disapproval, but all that the host, Tony Jones, could do was laugh and make fun about it. Do we need any more proof of how degenerate the ABC and out elites have become, and how far down the tubes Western society has gone?

Next the ABC will have some egghead on telling us there is nothing wrong with necrophilia or paedophilia, and perhaps Tony Jones will snicker about it, and the other intellectualoids will try to make serious “commentary” about it. If you ask me, we should put Q&A out of its misery, and take these so-called intellects and give them all a good smack down.

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