Bill Muehlenberg

Western Immigration and Global Jihad

There is always a moral asymmetry between the free West and its enemies. The West is meant to play by the rules, and it usually does. It seeks to conduct it affairs within a moral framework, and certain things are simply off limits. But the enemies of freedom and democracy know no such compunctions. They are quite happy to use any means, including the exploitation of freedoms in the West, for their own purposes.

A classic case of this occurred during the Cold War. The Communists were quite adept at using the benefits and freedoms of the West to undermine it. Marxist morality dictated that the end justifies any means. Thus anything was permissible in the war against the West.

Islamic jihadists likewise seek to use and abuse the Western system for its own ends. They are happy to exploit Western freedoms, tolerance and openness to achieve their aims of a global caliphate and the submission of everyone to sharia law.

One way they seek to do this is by exploiting Western immigration laws and procedures. The West, ever keen to appear to be tolerant, compassionate and inclusive, is quite willing to allow Muslims of all stripes into their lands. Now the majority of these Muslims are usually not too problematic. But a healthy minority are. Radical Islamists are using our openness and porous borders to enter our lands, only with the aim of overthrowing the West from within.

Consider a case making headlines in today’s press. Here is how one news report covers the story: “A follower of a radical Islamic movement that seeks to introduce sharia law and has been linked to terrorist groups is being granted asylum in Australia. The Refugee Review Tribunal has recommended a protection visa for an Egyptian man, who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic political group with links to al-Qaida. The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed in several countries, including Egypt. It seeks to establish a pan-Islamic state ruled by sharia law and is committed to the destruction of Israel.”

A spokesperson for the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council, expressed these concerns: "The Muslim Brotherhood has been banned in many countries for good reason. It’s not just its attitude towards Israel that’s of concern. It has strands that are very sympathetic towards terrorism." The Federal opposition immigration spokeswoman said she would write to the Government, asking to have the decision overturned.

If this were just an isolated incident, a one-off event, then not much more should be said. But if this is part of a much bigger picture, and just one example of a recurring pattern, then we should all be very concerned indeed. And that in fact seems to be the case. In fact, it is the very point being made in several new books.

For example, Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi make this case in Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration. Both authors are experts on Islamic thought, but Solomon is especially crucial here, since he used to be a professor of sharia law, but has since converted to Christianity.

The pair examine how a small presence of Muslims in a Western nation eventually builds to a critical mass, with the eventual aim of implementing sharia law, and taking over the host culture. Even seemingly benign measures, such as the building of mosques, can be used for these greater purposes.

Indeed, an earlier volume by the same two authors argued how important the mosque in Western nations is to this overall process. In The Mosque Exposed, they highlight how the Islamists use the mosque to teach, foment and recruit for violent jihad.

In their newer book they document how Western immigration policies are being exploited by these radicals, and how they use such things as taquiya, or deception, to achieve these aims. They seek to hide behind religious devotion and practice as they attempt to wrest control of lands belonging to the kuffar (non-Muslim).

The slow but steady process of Islamisation of Western lands is taking place in many areas, with any attempts to impede this progress met with shouts of discrimination and Islamophobia. And the West is so concerned about not treading on anyone’s toes, that the radicals are making great gains in realising their goals.

Other new books also describe this process. For example, Christopher Caldwell’s new book, Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West, examines how changing demographic patterns in the West, especially Europe, are part and parcel of this greater strategy of Islamic hegemony.

Caldwell documents how Western governments are squeamish about appearing to be intolerant or unwelcoming, so they often become their own worst enemies, by allowing the detractors of the West to freely enter their lands, set up shop, and work out their long-term plans.

He documents how the West tends to encourage the ghetto-isation of Muslim arrivals, instead of aiming for their assimilation and integration. This is a recipe for disaster, and we have seen it played out numerous times, especially in major European cities.

Other recent books might be cited, but the message should be clear. Just as Lenin once quipped about how the West would sell the Communists the rope with which to hang itself, so too modern democracies are sowing the seeds of their own destruction, by being naive or ignorant about global jihad, and how the radicals are using the West and its freedoms to in fact bring it to its knees.

To raise these issues is of course not to accuse all Muslims of treachery, jihad and anti-Western crusades. But a clear minority at least of Muslims are using the privileges and benefits of the West to promote Islamic jihad, and bring about the destruction of the West. Vigilance, as always, is clearly the order of the day here.

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