Bill Muehlenberg

Punished For Speaking the Truth

There is one thing that can be counted on with absolute certainly in this relativistic world: there is a protected species which no one even dares to cross, certainly not in the mainstream media. This group can now get away with anything, and the MSM refuses to offer a contrary point of view.

It is as if there is an ironclad law which is now in effect: “Thou shalt not speak ill of this group”. And when anyone does dare to speak out, they are instantly and thoroughly crucified by the MSM and the forces of political correctness. The pressure to conform is relentless, crushing and total.

The group I refer to is of course the militant homosexual lobby. Although very small in number, they seem to have unlimited power to push their agenda anywhere and anytime. And woe betides anyone who even remotely seeks to stand in their way.

Indeed, the blackmail, intimidation and hatred are so great, that often the militant homosexuals get just what they want: an immediate retraction and apology. It takes a very strong and courageous person to resist this homosexual blitzkrieg. Unfortunately it seems that most people are simply not up to the task.

Consider this recent example of the instant crucifixion of a contrarian voice. It is an appalling and pathetic story. It involved a very short-lived voice of sanity. A doctor made some very sensible and incisive comments, but was instantly mauled by the attack dogs of political correctness and the gaystapo.

So what hideous things did he say? What horror came forth from his lips? He simply stated the obvious: tax-payer funded IVF should really be used for those who are biologically infertile, not the socially infertile. Thus single women and lesbians have no right to claim access to IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.

For this Dr Andrew Pesce, recently elected AMA federal president, was viscously attacked, and forced to withdraw his remarks. The story in today’s Sunday Herald Sun simply makes one’s blood boil. The poor man is mentioned first, and the rest of the article is filled with his critics.

Not one voice was allowed to defend the guy. But at least three people were interviewed to attack the man. This has now become so typical of the MSM. If anyone dares to challenge the sacred beliefs of the homosexual mafia, all hell breaks loose.

The journalists will simply call all their homosexual buddies and get heaps of quotes condemning the offender. But will the media try to get some balance and interview folk from the other side? No way. That would be too close to fairness, balance and objectivity, something which is conspicuous by its absence in today’s MSM.

This is how the press report begins: “Dr Andrew Pesce, elected AMA federal president in May, told the Sunday Herald Sun that IVF should not be a ‘lifestyle choice’ and use of the treatment by same sex couples went against the ‘natural order’. ‘Fertility treatment is there to treat diseases that cause infertility, it shouldn’t be there as a lifestyle choice,’ Dr Pesce said.

“‘For example, single women (who choose IVF) don’t have a disease, they just don’t have a partner. Same-sex couples, they don’t have disease but they are using an option that gets around the natural order of things.’ Dr Pesce later contacted this newspaper and said his comments were ‘clumsy’ and a mistake. He said single women and same sex couples should have access to IVF, but could not give a reason for his earlier remarks.”

And the rest of the article is just one attack after another on this man and his perfectly sensible remarks. But one has to ask how this guy could make a 180 degree turnaround in such a short period of time. The answer seems to be pretty clear. The gaystapo attacks simply became unbearable, and he had to compromise his views and do the PC thing to assuage his enemies and escape the hatred.

But his opponents quoted in the article really seem to be the ones in need of major correction. Homosexual activists trotted out the usual bluff about “discrimination”. And former AMA head and practicing lesbian Dr Kerryn Phelps said his views were "not rational”. Oh really? Just what exactly was irrational about them? They seemed to make perfectly good sense.

Why in the world should anyone be entitled to IVF when they choose a lifestyle which guarantees they will be unable to have kids? Even a poodle presumably knows that in order to have offspring, it needs to mate with an opposite sex canine.

Yet we seem to think that singles and lesbians have some divine right to something which they have deliberately made themselves unavailable for. I might as well chop off my legs and then demand the right to walk, and insist that taxpayers fix me up immediately with a set of prosthetic limbs.

I might as well pluck out my eyes, and then talk about “discrimination” for not being able to see, and demand that taxpayers help me regain my sight. I might as well burn down my home and then loudly shout about how my rights to housing are being violated, and that the state owes me a new one.

I might as well castrate myself, and then shout discrimination, and demand that tax payers fix me up with new reproductive facilities. So excuse me, just who is being irrational here? What the doctor said made absolutely perfect sense. Indeed, what he said was completely truthful.

But in today’s age of PC, truth doesn’t count for anything. It is not truth that these homosexual storm troopers want, it is total and complete subservience to their agenda. Anyone who does not bow down and worship at the altar of homosexual militancy will face their full wrath.

And by the way, I know what that is like. I have been at the receiving end of homosexual “tolerance” for many years now. You should read the hate mail that I get. In the past I have simply deleted all their vicious and nasty attacks.

I think that I will now start to save them, and maybe turn it all into a book. This might help others to know just what we are dealing with here. These people can be a particularly nasty piece of work. It appears that Dr Pesce quickly found this out. Sadly, he seems to have capitulated without putting up much of a fight.

And with every case of capitulation, the militancy of the other side will simply increase. If you want to know what living in a police state is like, stay tuned. It seems that we will all very quickly find out.


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