Bill Muehlenberg

In Europe its Lobsters In, Babies Out

What do you call a continent which cares more about the rights and wellbeing of crabs, lobsters, and even the common octopus, than it does about unborn babies? Just in case you cannot come up with anything, let me suggest a few possibilities: deranged, degenerate, despicable and delirious. And just to keep the alliteration going: dumb, really dumb.

This is how the New Scientist begins its coverage of this bizarre story: “Animal welfare legislation generally applies only to vertebrates. There are, however, moves to include invertebrates. Proposed changes to European law, for example, would extend welfare laws to crabs and lobsters. Up to now the only invertebrate protected is the common octopus.

"‘Invertebrate rights’ has become a campaigning issue. Advocates for Animals recently produced a report which concludes that there is ‘potential for experiencing pain and suffering’ in crustaceans. The group is particularly concerned about boiling lobsters alive. The wider public is also showing interest. Research supposedly demonstrating that hermit crabs feel and remember pain received worldwide news coverage”

The author of the article in fact argues that such animals do not feel any significant pain. He concludes with these words: “Extending welfare to crustaceans would be a mistake. They are useful animals for research on nervous systems. Hopefully common sense and the basic scientific facts should dictate that invertebrates remain outside the legislation.”

While it is good to see a bit of sanity here, the very fact that this story was even raised shows just how far down the tubes the intellectualoids in Europe have gone. If the ruling elites in Europe can actually waste time ruminating over the rights of an octopus or a crab, then perhaps it is best that we just allow Europe to proceed in its terminal decline.

My European readers can correct me here, but I am not aware of any laws banning the killing of unborn babies. I am not aware of any legislation which confers rights on the unborn. I am not aware of any committees looking into ways to outlaw the pain unborn babies experience when undergoing abortions.

Interestingly, this article deals with one type of lobster death: “As for lobsters in boiling water, sensory nerves from crabs living in temperate waters fail irreversibly at 25 °C, about the temperature of tepid bath water. This procedure is not inhumane.”

I guess the European elites are not aware of how one abortion method entails burning a baby to death with a saline solution – now that’s gotta hurt. Other methods involve slicing the baby to pieces, sucking the brains out, and so on. If this is not bad enough, science has demonstrated that the unborn do indeed feel pain.

For example, surgeon Robert Shearin argues that unborn babies can experience pain at quite an early age: “As early as eight to ten weeks after conception, and definitely by thirteen-and-a-half weeks, the unborn experiences organic pain. . . . [At this point she] responds to pain at all levels of her nervous system in an integrated response which cannot be deemed a mere reflex. She can now experience pain.”

More recently a British review of the latest research has found that an unborn baby is definitely aware of pain by 24 weeks, and possibly aware as early as 20 weeks. But the pain of death is of course the biggest concern of all here. Even if the abortion procedure involved no pain at all, it still results in a dead baby.

But abortion is both painful and lethal. We rightly show pictures of young seals being clubbed to death, because we want to persuade civilised people to bring this awful practice to an end. It seems it is time we did the same with the awful practice of abortion, especially to those European bureaucrats.

The various buffoons and moral midgets running the show in Europe demonstrate why the continent is in such big trouble. This is simply one more indication of when the West rejects it Judeo-Christian foundations, the doors to the asylum are flung wide open, and mental and ethical haemorrhaging becomes endemic.

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