Bill Muehlenberg

More Population Madness, More Human Culls

With increasing regularity our elite moonbeams are coming out with over-the-top proposals to save the planet. In their zeal to rescue mother earth, these green fanatics are quite happy to wipe out much of the human population to achieve their goals.

I have noted many recent examples of this on this site. And today we have yet another case in point. Here is how the media is reporting the latest case of green madness. The story is given this title: “One-child policy for Australia or we’re doomed, say group”. The short news item is as follows: 

Australia should consider having a one-child policy to protect the planet, an environmental lobby group said. Sustainable Population Australia said slashing population was the only way to avoid ‘environmental suicide’. National president Sandra Kanck wants Australia’s population of almost 22 million reduced to seven million to tackle climate change. And restricting each couple to one baby, as China does, was ‘one way of assisting to reduce the population’. ‘It’s something we need to throw into the mix,’ the former Democrats parliamentarian said.

And this woman was a former Parliamentarian? Just what are these people thinking? No wonder why the Democrats are now defunct.

Her demand for such a population reduction could logically only be realised by large-scale homicide. As is always the case with such loopy proposals, one must ask a few hard questions. Will Ms Kanck lead the way by personal example? How in fact will she bump herself off? Will it be a suicide pill? The hangman’s noose? Or perhaps just a gun? No, the greenies want to ban all guns.

Or does she have in mind people other than herself? That in fact is the case. She has no intention of leading by example here, but she fully expects other Australians to take her advice. So she wants a full two-thirds of Australians culled, but she must remain to ensure that the job is done properly. So very kind of her.

And then she wants us to emulate China of all places. Never mind that its coercive one-child policy – along with forced sterilisations and abortions – is producing tremendous social problems in China. If a family is forced to have just one child, they will usually opt for boys.

Thus China has a huge problem with gender imbalance at the moment, and parents are worried sick that there are not enough females around to marry their sons. Prostitution is doing very well in such a climate.

And bear in mind that Kanck has long been a human-hating humanitarian. When she was the leader of the Democrats in South Australia, she was actively pushing for euthanasia in the State Parliament. She even detailed suicide methods in a speech in 2006. She seems to love the planet but hate people. I have written about this pro-death Democrat here.

This is just another case of a politician who is light-years away from reality and common sense. She is living in her green la-la land, without a clue as to what real life is all about.

Of course if people like her get their way, soon there won’t be any people around to enjoy the planet. But she probably thinks that is a good thing anyway. Humanity never gets a good rap by these green loonies.

It is bad enough when current politicians come up with this sort of nonsense. It is worse when ex-pollies get into the act, telling us what is best for us, even if that ‘best’ means knocking off the majority of mankind.

With friends of the planet like this, I would hate to see its enemies.

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