Bill Muehlenberg

Watch Out For Those Tolerance Thugs

It always amazes me how those activist groups who most go on and on about tolerance and acceptance and peace and love are often the most unloving and intolerant folks around. Their rhetoric often is light-years away from their actions.

Consider some recent examples involving our homosexual activist friends. Just days after the US Presidential elections, these tolerant types have been storming churches and terrifying peaceful church-goers. This was in part because some states voted down same-sex marriage bills. One story from Michigan especially takes the cake. Here is how one writer describes it:

“This is what we’re up against. On Sunday morning, amidst worshiping congregants and following unifying prayers that our President-elect be granted wisdom as he prepares to lead our nation through difficult global, social and economic challenges, the Michigan left declared open war on peaceful church goers. They did it with banners, chants, blasphemy, by storming the pulpit, by vandalizing the church facility, by potentially defiling the building with lewd, public, sex acts and by intentionally forcing physical confrontations with worshipers. This didn’t take place in some dystopian, post modern work of fiction and it didn’t take place in San Francisco or Berkley.  This was the scene at a Bible believing church in Lansing, Michigan.”

One news item puts it this way: “On Sunday, November 9, a band of about 30 homosexuals stormed a church in Lansing, Michigan. Some were well dressed and were stationed inside Mount Hope Church, where they pretended to be normal Sunday worshippers; others were outside dressed in pink and black. The group of self-described homosexual anarchists, Bash Back!, claims the evangelical church is guilty of ‘transphobia and homophobia.’ The group says that it fights for ‘liberation,’ opposes ‘all forms of state power,’ and urges members not to condemn certain methods of promoting their cause ‘on the grounds that the State deems it to be illegal’."

Gee, this must be one really bad church to warrant such a reaction. Well, this is in fact what the church is on about: “Mount Hope, for the record, is an evangelical, bible believing church whose members provide free 24 hour counseling, prayer lines, catastrophic care for families dealing with medical emergencies, support groups for men, women and children dealing with a wide variety of life’s troubles, crisis intervention, marriage ministries, regular, organized volunteer work in and around the city, missions in dozens of countries across the globe, a construction ministry that has built over 100 churches, schools, orphanages and other projects all over the world and an in-depth prison ministry that reaches out, touches and helps the men and women the rest of society fears the most.  They also teach respect for all human life and the Biblical sanctity of marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. This is what Michigan liberals label a ‘radical right wing establishment’."

Bash Back! issued a press release on their website after the incident, and admitted that “the group was extremely loud and wildly offensive.” It called Mount Hope Church “deplorable” and “anti-queer.” The release ended with these words, “Let it be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!”

Given this atrocious act of thuggery, you would think that the world-wide media would have picked up the story and ran it extensively. But no deal. It seems the mainstream media only considers stories about ‘gay-bashing’ to be newsworthy, not stories involving homosexual storm troopers.

As Catholic League president Bill Donohue said about this media blackout, “The real story here is the refusal of the mainstream media to cover what is surely one of the most disturbing events of 2008. If an organized group of gay bashers stormed a gay church, there is not a single sentient person in the United States who wouldn’t know about it.”

Absolutely. Indeed, every single media outlet in the Western world would have covered such a story. It would be the lead story on the 6 o’clock news. It would make the front pages of the newspapers. It would feature in countless current affairs shows, debate programs and news hours.

The story would be repeated ad nauseam, ad infinitum. And we can all imagine what would be said: “See, we told you so. Those horrible Christians are intolerant, hate-filled, bigoted, ugly Nazis, and Christianity is a narrow-minded and oppressive religion. Why can’t they just learn to get along with everybody, as the peaceful homosexuals do?”

But this was not just an isolated incident. There were numerous such attacks immediately following the US elections. Charles Colson picks up the story:

“The ad ran all over California on Election Day – and surely sets a record for anti-religious bigotry. Two clean-cut young men knock at the door of a lesbian couple. The men identify themselves as Mormon missionaries. ‘We’re here to take away your rights,’ they announce. They snatch the women’s wedding rings off their fingers and ransack their home. When they find the couple’s marriage license, they rip it in half. ‘Say no to a church taking over your government,’ the voiceover says. ‘Vote “no” on Proposition 8’.”

He continues, “Despite such vicious attacks, California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman, passed. But the assaults on churches have just begun. Two days after the election, 2,000 homosexual protesters surrounded a Mormon temple in Los Angeles chanting ‘Mormon scum.’ Protesters picketed Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, holding signs reading ‘Purpose-Driven Hate.’ Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills was spray painted. Church members’ cars have been vandalized, and at least two Christians were assaulted. Protesters even hurled racial epithets at African-Americans because African-Americans voted overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage.”

As Colson rightly notes, “This is an outrage. What hypocrisy from those who spend all of their time preaching tolerance to the rest of us! How dare they threaten and attack political opponents? We live a democratic country, not a banana republic ruled by thugs.”

Colson concludes, “By protecting traditional marriage, we aren’t taking away anybody’s rights. We are simply upholding the framework of society’s most basic institution, the loss of which would irreparably damage our families and our society.”

Sounds pretty sensible to me. But common sense – and common decency – is not what many of these homosexual activists are on about. They can preach tolerance all they like, but until they start showing some real tolerance, we really should dismiss their slogans as so much hot air.

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