Bennelong Papers

Quadrant & the Bolt Trial

These are some of the texts published in Quadrant and Quadrant Online dealing with the Bolt Trial.

Background to the Case:

John Izzard:
The Trial of Andrew Bolt (I): Designer Ethnicity

Keith Windschuttle:
The Trial of Andrew Bolt (II): Real Aborigines versus Phoneys

John Izzard:
The trial of Andrew Bolt

Steven Kates:
Andrew Bolt and the Orwellian State

Trial reports:

Michael Connor:

Magazine articles:

Andrew Bolt on trial

The White Aborigines Trial

A photo that was not seen during the trial: “my Aboriginal grandmother

Quadrant Online reports as the trial was happening in March and April:

Justice in Melbourne 1 

Justice in Melbourne 2 

Justice in Melbourne 3

Quadrant Online report of the decision in September:

Where is justice?

The Decision (not published in Quadrant):

Justice Mordecai Bromberg:

Decision given on September 28, 2011:



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