An open invitation to Mark Scott

rsvpDear Mark,

You noted the other day that the ‘A’ in ABC stands for Australia, a nation of many differing views and perspectives, which is what a vibrant democracy should be. Yet we cannot help noticing that, when you feel inclined to hold forth, it is the podiums of academia and left — same thing, I know — to which you seem mostly to gravitate. No doubt this is purely coincidental, as you said as recently as Thursday that it is your job to see that the national broadcaster is “the ABC is for all Australians”.

So that’s the reason for this note — to add some breadth to the venues at which you choose to appear: How about addressing a Quadrant dinner and perhaps taking a few questions? True, you would seldom have met a conservative at your ABC, but we are part of that ‘A’ in Australia all the same, so isn’t it time for you to balance the ledger?

We’re a courteous and polite bunch and you won’t need to fear any set-ups or ambushes. We can positively guarantee no one will throw a shoe at you. Likewise, we can assure you that no Quadrant editor will sharpen and polish the questions of audience members, as did your very own Peter McEvoy on this week’s Q&A.

So what about it, Mark?

Come and talk to us at Quadrant. We’ll book the venue. We’ll handle the catering. All you will have to do is turn up and talk to a subset of those A-for-all-Australians you are so keen to cite.


The Editors

PS: Mark, if you follow the link below, you can read your own words about the ABC’s obligation to serve all Australians.

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