From the Octoberists to Obama…

the left's all starsWriting at The American Thinker, Scott Powell compiles a potted history of the Left’s infiltration and ascent:

…Fast forward to 2008, and we find the long march through the institutions resulting in the New Left being embedded in constituencies that provided a base of support and policy positions for the Obama presidential campaign. And while Barack Obama had a very unconventional background of lengthy associations with Marxists and anti-American radicals throughout his formative years and early adulthood, a nearly twenty-year membership in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “hate America” church, and an extreme left-wing voting record, the major media–now enveloped with the blinders of political correctness–made little effort to report on his background or examine his substantive qualifications. Barack Obama was both the culturally cool and articulate black candidate who provided a means for national redemption for a racist past, while also being the one candidate who provided a blank slate upon which people could project their own desires for hope and change.

Scott’s focus is on the US, but swap a few proper nouns and he might just as easily be writing of the transformation scathingly identified by Kim Beazley Snr in 1970:
When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now, all I see are the dregs of the middle class. When will you middle-class perverts stop using the Labor Party as a cultural spittoon?
If you are ever inclined to wonder how and why a party allegedly representing the horny handed sons of toil came to regard global warming, gay marriage, open borders and a slather of other terminally trendy causes as the great moral issues of our age, Powell’s essay — available in full via the link below — will explain a lot.

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