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Peter O’Brien writes:

ADH TV is a (relatively) new online current affairs forum which provides both opinion pieces by well-credentialled conservative commentators and a streaming service that features regular programmes hosted by Alan Jones, Fred Pawle and Nick Cater.

According to its website:

Australian Digital Holdings Pty Limited (“ADH”) is an independent digital media company with a mission to provide educational and empowering content to viewers via a range of digital platforms. ADH seeks to impact the digital media landscape by providing a legacy of profound value-based social purpose via nuanced content that is well informed and well researched, in order to promote a culture of educated civil debate.  

This is a very worthy initiative that should be supported by all conservatives.   It is a free subscription service.

Professor David Flint has just joined the team and now presents a weekly in-depth interview with various figures.  His series, called Save the Nation, streams at 9.00pm every Friday night and thereafter is available on demand.  His first episode was an engaging interview with Tony Abbott that is well worth watching.  Episode Two was a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. And in his third episode, David interviews me about my new book Villain or Victim, which David has described as:

By far the best in-depth constitutional assessment of Sir John Kerr’s exercise of the reserve powers –despite (or perhaps because of) the author not being a lawyer.  A must read by anyone interested in the republic debate.

Watch David Flint’s interview with me, as part of his “Save The Nation” series on ADH TV, broadcast on 30 September 2022.

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