Next, a BA in dishwashing?

fashion designer UReader L.B. Loveday comments on Pete Mulherin’s thoughts on credentialism and the expensive pointlessness of many university degrees:

My daughter is doing a degree in Fashion Design. When, how, did that become an academic discipline? Did Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior learn their craft at uni?

She clocked up a $2,500 debt doing a Communications unit with assessments done on critiquing a newspaper article on older car drivers, how fashion designers can help protect the environment, what considerations of indigenous peoples should be made when designing fashions….. you get the idea.

“Yes Father, we all know it’s Mickey Mouse, but you need a university degree these days” she said. Thankfully she’s had check-out/waitressing jobs since the Nanny State deemed her old enough to be employed; how long before it will necessary to have a BA to do even those jobs?

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