A new PM’s provenance

morrison turnbull Scott Morrison, Australia’s 30th prime minister, will have many wondering what else he is prepared to embrace. Can he be trusted? Not according to Tony Abbott in 2015:

“Scott never warned, never warned anyone [of the impending Turnbull coup].

Certainly he never warned me. I spoke to him on Friday, not a hint of a warning.

So I’m afraid Scott badly misled people, badly misled people.”

That AM report can be read via this link or the one at the foot of this post. As to what the switch from Turnbull to Morrison might achieve, the ABC’s Emma Alberici puts the same question on the lips of disaffected conservatives. alberici tweet UPDATE: Andrew Bolt wonders

Does Scott Morrison promise he won’t be the catspaw of his ally Michael Photios if made Prime Minister? 

Does he promise to curb the power of this lobbyist and global warming spruiker to threaten the preselections of MPs who may object to some policy PM Morrison may propose?

Dennis Shanhan notes the obvious:

Scott Morrison’s narrow victory is a win for “compromise” and Malcolm Turnbull’s desperate attempts to block Peter Dutton. But the margin is so close the bitterness will continue.


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