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Mush-brained kids?
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John Hinderaker, co-proprietor of the US Powerline blog, makes some observations about the standard of teaching in US public schools, complete with bootleg audio of a teacher demonstrating why the profession is all too often the last refuge of those not quite smart enough to pronounce ‘Want fries with that?’

Our public schools are run, for the most part, by liberal administrators, and teachers are drawn, usually, from the lowest quadrant of academic ability among college graduates. There are exceptions, of course, but the overall level of instruction in the public schools is abysmal. And that isn’t the worst of it: teachers who are marginally able, at best, to teach the subjects for which they are nominally responsible often devote themselves to political indoctrination instead.

Most such forays into left-wing mythology go unreported, but occasionally an enterprising kid turns on his phone and records a teacher’s rant. That happened a few weeks ago in a 9th grade Geography class in a suburban Twin Cities high school….

Follow this link to hear as someone who should be allowed nowhere near a blackboard gets an F for teaching, but an A+ for indoctrination.

None of the above will come as any surprise to Kevin Donnelly and those who read his latest Quadrant Online lament for the sorry state of the Australian classroom.

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