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Monolithic insanity

Marc Hendrickx, author of of The Right to Climb Ayers Rock, has lifted his jaw off the floor to address Google’s compliance with a Parks Australia request that it black out, so to speak, a virtual tour of the monolith. He writes:

Not happy with ignoring the wishes of past owners who encouraged visitors to climb (men like Tiger Tjalkalyrri and Mitjenkeri Mick), or destroying their income as visitor numbers plummet to lows last seen prior to William Gosse’s first visit in 1873 the current ‘owners’ now want blurry images of the climb available through Google Earth to be censored.

And sadly it seems Google has complied with this outrageous censorship.

Can 2020 get any lower?

Marc expanded on the absurdity of the ban with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell. Their conversation can be heard in full here.

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