Moderate savages

moderate muslims IIFollow the link at the foot of this post for YouTube editorialist Paul Joseph Watson’s pointed tutorial on “moderate” Islam’s explicitly stated intentions for the management of gays, women and, well, everyone else who isn’t a disciple of the Prophet.

The delivery is emphatic and annoyingly staccato, but perhaps it has to be in light of polite society’s disinclination to consider the possibility that a demographic forever placed very near the top of the Left’s victimology pyramid is composed of those who are very keen to do some victimizing themselves.

Islamophobia? Jump to the 1.45-minute mark of the clip and that will seem an entirely rational response.

Unless, of course, you are gay, mindlessly fashionable and determined to signal your virtue by tweeting support and sympathy for a theology that makes no bones about wanting you dead.

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