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Quadrant Online’s office in Melbourne is a modest affair, a single room attached to a small house with, admittedly, a very nice view of Port Phillip. The computer is on most of the time and the heater has been running quite a bit, despite the Bureau of Meteorology’s advice that we have just survived another of those warmest-winter-evers. Aren’t they all these days, once the climateers have invoked their dark arts and the “homogenisation” of the temperature record is done and dusted?

To understand how this could be — $940!!! — it seemed a good idea to seek enlightenment from our for-the-moment Prime Minister, starting with his explanation to the House in 2010 of his intention to cross the floor and support the imposition of higher energy costs on his fellow Australians. You can view that moment in history here.

That proved but one example of his advocacy for ruinously expensive energy.

As a beleagured PM makes noises about his cunning schemes to secure power supplies (by pumping water uphill, for example) it is well worth bearing in mind that this concern for AGL’s gouged customers and others is a recent passion.

Follow the link below for year-by-year footage of Malcolm Turnbull advocating, explaining and insisting that $940 quarterly electricity bills are the only way to go.

–roger franklin


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