Making the Prophet proud

stoning3It’s all there — the paranoia, the presumption of innate superiority, the zealous stupidity — on Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian website. The subject, prompted by Islam’s latest bloody handiwork in Paris, is the plight of the oppressed, long-suffering Muslim population of Europe and elsewhere. It’s so unfair! To paraphrase:

The rotten West doesn’t like the brainwashing that makes our young women think it virtuous to spend their lives in sacks and veils!

The rotten West makes fun of our dandy Prophet, and this is “neo-colonialism”!

The rotten West just won’t listen to the sane sorts who know that getting on our wrong side means trouble!

On and on it goes, although one question is never put, let alone answered: if life in this cursed, infidel-infested land is so unjust and miserable, why in Allah’s name would the frothing faithful wish to stay here another minute?

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