Libby Sommer: ‘Tactics’


A woman is hitting back & forth
across the net, a peaked cap
secured by her ponytail.
Can she overcome the self-doubt,
anxiety & lapses of concentration?
She mustn’t let her mind
be the winner in this battle.
Right here, right now,
she’s in control,
even in the wind,
alternating her drives
to the far corners of the court.
Nothing distracts her,
not the noisy leaf blower
or her male opponent
with superior physical strength.
Tactics are her best weapon.
Now she is serving,
tossing the ball high,
straight as an arrow,
reaching up,
out wide
to his lefthanded backhand.
She ignores her cap
escaping with the wind
as she executes
a perfect follow through.
She smiles.
Ace! It’s an ace.

Libby Sommer

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