Jasper Glen: ‘The Monitor Station’

The Monitor Station

In a Hyperbolic System
A monitor station should always be set up.

On a small islet in the centre of the survey area
With a good aerial, and its earth mat extending into the sea all round.

There should be no trees or other objects which might re-radiate.
The aerial system should have a very efficient earth.

For a chain to operate reliably, the Master and Slave
Stations must communicate by telephone.

Suppose a ship crosses the slave-master baseline
To break in on the circle of the Master display.

The Master operates visual fixes. Large displays
Become a spot, on the tube. Many of the harmonics

Are cut off. The Master and Slave signals
Travel to the Green Slave Station. As trees

Swaying in the wind, unwanted “reflections”,
The Master display should be taken down.

Jasper Glen

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