David Hush: ‘On Destiny’


On Destiny

Where are we heading?

The rise of our Sun’s
Progresses slowly,
Until oceans evaporate,
Temperatures soar,
Too hot to endure,
Causing a final cessation,
Of all known,
Terrestrial life.

Not a word of Shakespeare’s,
Nor a note from Mozart,
Nor a brushstroke of Leonardo,
Nor an equation by Einstein,
Will remain.

Every human thought,
Every human aspiration,
Every human endeavour,
Individual or collective,
Will be gone,
To be absorbed,
Into the vast cosmos,
A seemingly endless,
Like a tiny dot,
Vanishing from a screen.

In 1645,
Rembrandt painted,
A girl at a window.
Immortalised her,
In colours and oils.

The girl has gone,
But the image remains.

For now.

David Hush


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