Joe Dolce: ‘Narcissus Shaving in the River’ and ‘Gluten-Free Toast’

Narcissus Shaving in the River

While it’s true, he was cursed
to fall for that bearded boy
in the water-mirror,

this newly clean-shaven youth
mysteriously free from the witchy-will,
of that bitch Nemesis,
now returns to unfettered indulgence.

Joe Dolce


Gluten-Free Toast

May your Third Eye remain open
giving you 20-20-20 vision,
may your Vishnu always be new,
your Tantric always be tricky,
your Gita always be sweeta,
your 2nd hand Karma’s front end
(and your chakras) have perfect alignment

and may you stay forever Jung.

Joe Dolce

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