Brad Jackel: ‘Revenge’



History is written by the victors,
So they say.

Which begs a question of the Iliad.

A pack of dogs, feral, tears through the flock,
Gnashing, flaying, rending, ripping off flesh,
Not from hunger, but for pleasure.
Then turn on each other, snarling over guts,
Fangs bared; hackles raised.

So, the Greeks.
They have no virtues. None.
The Comancheros at Milperra
Were better men.

So maybe Homer was a Trojan.
Not a blind Greek,
But blinded by the Greeks,

Who cut out his eyes,
And mocked him stumbling,
While they boasted over corpses,
Then took him home and put him to work,
To make them all immortal.

Which he did.

Brad Jackel

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