Andrew Lansdown: ‘Poet of Quirk’ and ‘A Not-So-Nonsense Poem’

Poet of Quirk

I write in praise of Andrew Burke—
doyen of wit, slayer of pulp
and fabulous poet of Quirk.

Readers who wander in his work
where words yap and images whelp
unite in praise of Andrew Burke.

No fake profundity through murk,
no purple passions through yelp—
this fantastic poet of Quirk.

While others primp and play the clerk,
he gets to grips with glee and gulp—
I write, of course, of Andrew Burke.

Like me, he loves the poet’s work
and pokes snipe-like at poesy’s kelp—
this fanciful poet of Quirk.

Though I grieve his kicking of kirk,
I love him still and cannot help
but write in praise of Andrew Burke,
Aussie’s frabjous poet of Quirk.

Andrew Lansdown

A Not-So-Nonsense Poem
for Cora Ahlquist

Crikey Moses, she’s a good ’un,
this Ohio lass called Cora—
the smartest in all Yankeeland,
and truer than any Nora!

I offer as decisive proof
why she’s the best hands down:
she asked as a Christmas gift
for a “book by Mr Lansdown”!

Andrew Lansdown


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