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October 2018

Volume LXII, Number 10, No 550

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Organisational Virtue locked

Editor's Column

Cartoon Characters Keith Windschuttle


Risk, Morality and Liberties John O’Sullivan


Authoritarianism Exalted in Cement and Steel locked Anthony Daniels

Fourth Column

Female, Male, Fe-Male Christopher Akehurst


The New Struggle for Religious Freedom Dyson Heydon

The Anglosphere

The Anglosphere as the Big Somewhere locked James C. Bennett

Letter From London

A Febrile Summer in a Divided Capital locked Jonathan Foreman


Modernity’s Miracle and the Rage Against Prosperity locked Peter Murphy

The Ideology of White-Hatred Daryl McCann

Trump Derangement Syndrome (Part II) Hal G.P. Colebatch

Western Civilisation

The Ramsay Centre and Open Inquiry locked Ivan Head

Why Jordan Peterson Matters locked Judy Stove

How My Research in Palestine Made Me an Academic Pariah locked Rayyar Marron


Why Feminists Enjoy Rape Fantasies Michael Kowalik


Exorcising Marx and His Economics locked Peter Smith

The Vicious Cycle of Social Security locked Anthony Daniels


Evelyn Waugh and the Fourth Estate locked Mark McGinness

In the Realist Commonsense Tradition locked Gary Furnell

The Matter of Manners locked Derek Turner


Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Man Who was the Phantom locked Michael Connor


Uhtred the Saxon Warrior locked Joe Dolce


The Freedom of Montaigne locked David Mason

First Person

Tragedy and Grief in Vung Tau Alistair Pope


User Pays locked Frank Murphy

Sweetnes & Light

Purple Prose, Meet Blue Pencil locked Tim Blair


Les Murray: Two Poems locked Les Murray

Vivian Smith: Two Poems locked Vivian Smith

Peter Skrzynecki: Two Poems locked Peter Skrzynecki

Luke Whitington: Two Poems locked Luke Whitington

Michael Mintrom: Mosul Requiem locked Michael Mintrom

Nana Ollerenshaw: Two Poems locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Ivan Head: Three Poems locked Ivan Head

Joe Dolce: Two Poems locked Joe Dolce

Ken Stone: Two Poems locked Ken Stone

Dan Guenther: Change of Seasons on the Blue Sage Prairie locked Dan Guenther

Elisabeth Wentworth: Living Will locked Elisabeth Wentworth

Geoff Page: Two Poems locked Geoff Page