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July 2018

Volume LXII, Number 7-8, No 548

Download PDF locked

Letters to the Editor

Curtin, an Over-Rated Prime Minister locked

Editor's Column

The Secret World of Academia Keith Windschuttle


Trump's Rules, Trump Rules John O’Sullivan


Banality of Evil? Not Really Anthony Daniels

Freedom of Speech

The War Against Tommy Robinson Stefan Molyneux


Burke’s Legacy in Australian Politics David Furse-Roberts

Bacon, Hobbes and Conservatism Nicholas Hasluck

Thinking Left, Thinking Right Peter Smith

Identity Politics

The Liberal Mind's Oppression Quotient David Martin Jones


The Restructure of Europe After Brexit locked James C. Bennett

The Constitution

A Parliamentary Solution to the Dual Citizenship Problem locked Michael Detmold

Western Civilisation

O Magnum Mysterium Michael Walsh


Foreign Aid Follies, Domestic Handouts Anthony Daniels

Military History

The Battle That Ended the Great War Pat Beale

Ten Myths About Operation Barbarossa Nigel Davies


The Death of Oberon and the Desire for Euthanasia locked John Prineas

Experimenting on Gender Dysphoric Kids John Whitehall


Why the Future is Not Solar Aynsley Kellow


Never Mind the Bias, Where’s the Talent? Christopher Akehurst

Philosophy and Ideas

Not My Self Gary Furnell


How the West Is Really Being Lost Giles Auty

The Atavistic Assault on Liberalism Wolfgang Kasper

Inside Australian Architecture locked Philip Drew

Big Brother’s Loyalty Daryl McCann

A Pioneer Liberal Politician Peter Phelps


How to Adapt John le Carré Joe Dolce


The Presence of Frank Thring Michael Connor


Tom Wolfe, a Man in Full locked Patrick Morgan


The Civil Tongue of Richard Wilbur locked David Mason


A Positive Spin locked Frank Murphy

The Vision Splendid of Charles Haddon Chambers locked Diana Figgis

Sweetness & Light

What Am I Bid For Tony Jones? Tim Blair


Les Murray: 1917 North locked Les Murray

C.R. McArthur: Last Migration locked C.R. McArthur

Gary Hotham: Three Haiku locked Gary Hotham

Jamie Grant: Two Poems locked Jamie Grant

Joe Dolce: Five Poems locked Joe Dolce

Nana Ollerenshaw: Two Poems locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Russell Erwin: Two Poems locked Russell Erwin

Ted Witham: Birds of Paradox locked Ted Witham