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December 2017

Volume LCI, Number 12, No 542

Download PDF locked


Aboriginal Policy Failure locked

Editor's Column

The UN's Assault On Our Sovereignty Keith Windschuttle


Conduct Unbecoming locked John O’Sullivan


Dismal Science, Dismal Record locked Anthony Daniels


A Critique of the Prague Appeal locked Ryszard Legutko

Western Civilisation

An Education Manifesto for Western Civilisation locked Simon Haines

The Triumph of Australia’s Golden Cities locked Peter Murphy

Will Japan Acquire Nuclear Weapons? locked Anthony Paul

How the Monarchy Solves the Dual Citizenship Fiasco locked Michael Detmold

Identity Politics

Teaching Notes for High School Sodomy locked Michael Connor


Inside the Melbourne Writers Festival Echo Chamber locked James McCann


Gay Marriage and Australian Catholicism Philippa Martyr


Reformist Pipedreams, Islamic Reality, Muslim Accountability locked Peter Smith


Populism and the Yearnings of the Troubled locked Tanveer Ahmed


The Light on the Hill and the Gink’s Revenge locked Ross Fitzgerald

Charles Bean and American Progressivism locked Michael Roe


Gone with the Wind? America’s Struggle with Confederate Statues locked Christopher Heathcote

Philosophy & Ideas

T.S. Eliot’s Vision of Totalitarian Democracy locked Gary Furnell


One Book Too Many locked Paul Monk

The Man Who Got It Wrong locked Robert Murray

We Will Make You Green locked Tony Thomas


The Australian Connection of Marcel Proust locked Michael Kile


A Personal Reflection on My Fair Lady locked Elizabeth Beare


Sam Peckinpah’s Television Western locked Neil McDonald


Why Do Architects Want to Be Artists? locked Donald Richardson

First Person

How I Met Jake locked Joe Dolce


Mrs Black locked Lin van Hek

Half a Wife locked John Ellison Davies

Sweetness & Light

Nothing to Lose But Your Brains locked Tim Blair


Graeme Hetherington: Two Poems locked Graeme Hetherington

Elisabeth Wentworth: Four Poems locked Elisabeth Wentworth

Gary Hotham: Five Haiku locked Gary Hotham

Dennis Haskell: Wooden Heart locked Dennis Haskell

Carolyn Evans Campbell: Two Poems locked Carolyn Evans Campbell

Brad Jackel: Writing Workshop locked Brad Jackel

Immanuel Suttner: Manofesto locked Immanuel Suttner

Ivan Head: Two Poems locked Ivan Head

Joe Dolce: Six Poems locked

John Ellison Davies: Nearly There locked John Ellison Davies

Ken Stone: Two Poems locked Ken Stone

Libby Sommer: Elsewhere locked Libby Sommer

Nana Ollerenshaw: Three Poems locked Nana Ollerenshaw