Shop Window, Ballinasloe

When J.J. Kelso died

his family

closing his shop

took some of his wares

and placed them in the window.

The shelves age, dust and dirt

gathers, ivy and other green

grows through floor cracks.

But tourists stop

and amaze at the window with the Irish Dunlop genuine tube; the Lucas contact set;

a fan belt in a box; Restorio, the super car polish; Tranco valves; Ford spark plugs;

an advertising board for Leyland, Australia; a Payen decarbonising set;

Duron, the finest break lines in the world, Borg & Beck clutch plate;

Crank shaft for Austin 7 & Big 7-1936/39; Feroda brake linings;

Sinclair radiator stop leak; ball bearing water pump kit

and a calendar:

Esso wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and prosperous 1951.  

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