They were married after appropriate preparations,

and one of those preparations related to him.
The wedding was brilliant, the bride resplendent in white,
the bridesmaids nearly as comely, the groomsmen spruce,
the groom bright-eyed, as he had every right to be.
The soprano, we told each other, could actually sing.
Oh, all the appropriate preparations had been made,
and one of the preparations pertained to him.
Hours later, after the feasting, the dancing, the drinks,
after felicitations suggestive, profound,
we shouted them off to their car, besprinkled with rice.
Then we laughed or cried as the two of them got into gear
and neared a corner en route to their promised lives.
And he? Was he downcast and grave as they jolted from sight?
In truth he was neither of these, because—after all—
one of the preparations had reference to him.

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