All around the Salt-tree bush                            

The girls ran from the dragon

One tripped up, he grabbed her tusch

Snap! goes the dragon

Half a pound of honey words

Half a lump of sticky curds

Half a mind to catch more birds

That’s the way the loving goes

Trap! goes the dragon

Round and round kitchen table

The girl ran with the flagon

Till “… killing me”, his fable

Snap! goes the dragon                                     

See them in the garden bed

With big mouths and all unwed

Appetite and empty head

That’s the way the action goes                                     

Crap! goes the dragon

This is where the slayer stepped

This was where true heart was kept

This is where the mother wept                                     

Snap! goes the dragon

Chased around the Salt-tree bush                                 

The girls tied up the dragon

He lost his mind, he had it cush                         

Now, “Open up”,—pills will push                        

Snap! goes the dragon

They stroked him down, told him shush

“Here comes the paddy wagon”

“For all the girls you thought to moosh

We’ll break your neck—send it whoosh!”               

Snap! goes the dragon

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