Achondroplastic; At the Party


They call me brave but to be brave

one has to have a choice

An aberration

dispossessed from the start

The product

of one hideous mistake

on the Jacob’s ladder of DNA

Growth stunted

with a massive head

blunt pug-like features

Limbs squat and bowed

In the street

people stared with pity

and ill-disguised revulsion

One woman crossed herself

another touched him

for good luck

He once asked his mother

Where did I come from


she struggled for an answer

He didn’t ask again

His father never looked at him

The ugly are unforgivable

At the Party

It’s not food or drink you crave

but intelligent conversation

Because you’re in a wheelchair

they think the brain has thrown in the towel

They chatter across you

one or two may look down

eye contact slithers

Some charitable soul will ask

May I bring a plate   a glass

then   good deed done   she slides away

You long to leave

but have to stay until the end

when your driver is ready

How desirable home seems

where you know you are

a member of the human race

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