The long, long march

ratbag sign shrunkSome of us go to Bunnings of a weekend, potter in the garden or take in sporting spectacles. But how do good leftists prefer to spend the two days of the week officially set aside for not working? Why, they hit the streets with placards and passion, as ‘political theorist’, academic, shaper of young minds and Overland contributor James Muldoon explains while writing of last weekend’s March In March:

‘The march itself was the same as any number of marches that people like myself go to every other weekend.’

While that explains what keeps Muldoon occupied, we can only assume Overland editor Jeff Sparrow’s dance card is even more full.

Two months have passed since Overland‘s poetry editor, Peter Minter, banned poets whose verse has been published in Quadrant, which he likened to a Nazi propaganda sheet. One day, when the normally voluble Sparrow gets a spare moment, he might just express a view on Minter’s ‘right’ to select poems and poets in accordance with their political sympathies, real or imagined.

But we won’t be holding our breath. After all, with so many marches to attend and the ever-pressing need to file grant applications, just how much time can the editor of a taxpayer-supported magazine find to notice injustice at his own publication?

Click the link below for Muldoon’s thoughts on the pressing need to attend even more weekend rallies.

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